Saturday, July 30, 2005

Old Dorkiness Remembered

Ah yes, a friend reminded me of this story just the other day. Sad really how I have Oh So Many Moments of Sheer Dorkiness that it is too hard to remember them all on my own any more!

Okay, so years ago I'm at a fancy event with Mr X, my friend A and her Mr-X G*. We're sitting at one of those round tables with the candy coated almonds on the table that we are wolfing down because we are starving. The topic turns to different candies and such and I'm saying that I like my chocolate to be Female (ya know, no nuts!). And G was saying that he likes the nuts but can do without the chocolate.

And so I say .... without stopping to think for even ONE MILLISECOND ..... "well that would work... I could just suck the chocolate off your nuts then".

Uh, yeah. I didn't even know what I had said until the table went dead silent. I promptly replayed my sentence in my head, realized the other interpretation and turned 50 shades of red!

Sigh. Ya just can't take me anywhere, I swear! :)

* back before they were our Mr Xs, of course.

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T1 said...

Were children present? Cuz that would explain it.