Monday, October 31, 2005


Happy Halloween, everyone!!!!

In honor of the holiday, I thought I would share with you something very, very, very scary! Are ya ready??......

..... Okay, here goes.........................

.....I think I'm turning into a girl! (cue background horror music)

Now, now ... I know technically I've always been a GIRL ... but me?... a tomboy ... ever since the first moment I popped outta the womb!

And yet, for the last week or two ... instead of carrying around my beat up, sportster style purse that I just sling across my body and don't need to worry about ... I've actually been using a (much, MUCH less practical, might I add) girlie-girl purse. (I know, I KNOW .... the HORROR!!!!).

And then ... and then..... just yesterday ... I'm yarn shopping to buy the size 10.5 DPNs and the yarn I will need for the Fuzzy Feet .... and what color do I purchase out of ALL THE COLORS THERE???? ...... I purchase PINK! WTF?!


Now ain't that the scariest Halloween story y'all have heard yet??? :)


Oh, but speaking of The Fuzzy Feet after I purchased my girlie-pink* yarn yesterday, I plopped down and started working on the first sock. I decided to use the DPNs for the entire project (surely because I am Sock Knitting Genius and not because I'm too scared to figure out how to use circular needles!! ;)). And didn't need to use stitch markers because the different needles differentiated different sections of the sock. Here's how it went (click to enlarge pics):

The cast on (stitches on 4 needles):

After the cuff (stitches on 4 needles):

After the heel flap (stitches on only 2 needles):

A view of the cuff, heel and heel turn (stitches on only 2 needles):

After the gusset (back to 4 needles):

Ready to start the toe decreases (4 needles):

Time to just sew it up (2 needles) (I used the Kitchner's Stitch):


Why yes, thankyouverymuch, I DID plow through that "sock" really quick. But let me tell you ... using size 10.5 DPNs after so much time spent using the size 2s, was just plain ole WEIRD. I felt like I was "play" knitting!

Anyway, though I conquered the one fuzzy, don't hold your breath waiting for FFSock#2. I'm feeling the guilt from not working on the Gift Socks which need to be done by Christmas (though GiftSock#3 has been completed ... (that's right ... who's your knitter?!! :))). So FFSock#2 might be awhiles out. We'll see.

*I'm pretty sure that TECHNICALLY the yarn isn't called "girlie-pink". I'm thinkin' it's more along the lines of "Victorian Pink". Of the Lamb's Pride Worsted variety.


T1 said...

I'm a slacker. Compared to your Sock Knitting Genius-ness. Sigh.

Fine. I will commence the FFKAL (Fuzzy Feet Knit-A-Long) tonight. With my Lamb's Pride even if I don't like the color anymore. Assuming you remember to bring me the dpn's tonight....

I'll even trade you cake and a coffee table for them. How is that not a good deal?!

(For those IIF's who don't know...every Halloween brings the "Famous Graveyard Cake". Loaded with Milano gravestones, crushed Oreo dirt, gummi worms and new this year....marshmallow ghosties. Hungry yet?!)

anmiryam said...

Great blow-by-blow of your progress. Don't let the second one wait too long or you'll have some cold toes.

And don't worry, even tomboys can like pink.

ms c said...

ms s, please come to arizon-ah for the wintertime and teach me how to do socks....

Kat said...

Don't tempt me, Ms C! That would be a hoot. I'd lovelovelove to share the joy of the sock knitting.

(wait a minute ... who said that?? Could it be?! ... could it really BE ... that sock knitting is FUN?! (gasp))