Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Things you don't see everyday

So you know when you're really, really, really tired because maybe you stayed up too late on a school night...

.... which was maybe due to your attending a really good concert involving Hot Hot Heat, Weezer and Foo Fighters and then not being able to get right to sleep afterwards because of being pretty wired from the concert and so by the time you actually get to sleep you practically have to get up again
(let's just say! ;)).....

.....And so early that next morning when you're trying to fumble your way to work but aren't really focusing properly just yet and you run across something weird you try to blame it on The Tired and The Blurry and The Way TOO EARLY To Be Outta Bed Today syndrome?!

But yet, in the back of your fuzzy little brain, you're thinking, "I SWEAR I'm seeing a car dressed as a pig"?

Yes? Ever have one of those mornings?? Anyone??

Huh? Really? ... Just me then??

Yeah, well ...... amazingly I was coherent enough to take pictures ... mainly to prove to My Awake Self (once she showed up today (read that: injected herself with much caffeine)) that I wasn't hallucinating and didn't need to seek help IMMEDIATELY.... and, BY GOD, I did indeed see a car dressed as a pig!!!

See? (as always, you can click each picture to view larger)

Look, it even has the TAIL!!!

And a license plate to match!

I love when I have proof that I'm not the only nut in this world!!!! :)

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