Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday's Not Yet Caffeinated Ponderings

Self-striping yarn:


Because really, I don't get it. I'm using it to make the GS#1* and it really self-stripes. I mean, the stripes are lined up perfectly! But HOW??

Why doesn't some color end up on the row below? I mean, maybe if I was using the sock pattern which came with the yarn and cast on the exact number of stitches it recommended then I wouldn't question it so much. But I'm NOT. I'm using a totally different pattern! And casting on 60 stitches! How is this working??

So what would have happened if I had cast on say 10 more or 10 fewer stitches? Would it self-stripe correctly then?? I'm betting it would. Because my knitting tension is not consistent so more yarn is used for some rows than for others ("Hi, my name is Kat and I suck at the knitting" .... "Hiiii Kattttt"). So really, this shouldn't be working no matter what.

And yet ... it IS. Each row ... perfectly striped!! HOW??? Really ... inquiring minds want to know. It's magic, I tell ya, magic. It completely befuddles me and makes me realize I'm not as sharp a cookie as I like to think. And we just can't have that, ya know?! :)

Come onnnnn, Spring 2007!

Ikea is finally coming to Portland! And I mean FINALLY! Currently I have to drive almost 3 hours to get to the closest one. Which I will do. But it's not something I like to do very often. But now .... Ikea ..... will be practically in my own backyard! Whoo hooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Portlanders love their microbrews ... don't think they don't:

Beer to Flow from Famed Portland fountain

Who me? Live in a ghetto??

Pshaaah. Just because I can look out my window into my neighbor's yard and see this?

At least they're not whitey-tighties. Though seeing this picture does get me to wonderin' why he has two different styles. What do you think makes for a regular briefs day versus an athletic boxer brief day? (And how much therapy do I need to get over the wrongness of those ponderings! ACK! Oh, the horror! The horror!!!!)

DAMN YOU, Portland Concert Scheduler!!!

WTF?!!!! Why are ya scheduling concerts over a holiday weekend? WHY?! I SOOO want to see Yellowcard and yet you've scheduled them to play the Friday night after Thanksgiving! Um hello?! Some people would LoveLoveLove to see them but will be out of town for the holiday weekend. Ya know ... like probably a lot of people in the Portland area. What the hell are ya thinkin?? They're such an awesome, talented band** and yet, me, not able to see them.

And to think I thought it was bad enough when you screwed me outta Lifehouse and Velvet Revolver. You better hope I don't learn how to knit voodoo dolls. Bastard!

Which also leads me to wonder.....

...about this whole "pre-sale" concert ticket farce. I mean, I'm purchasing tickets for a concert BEFORE tickets go on sale to the general public. Which means a limited number of people have access to this presale. So I should be getting offered some pretty awesome tickets. Am I right? Am I right??

So say I log on this morning and start buying PRESALE Bon Jovi tickets right at 9 a.m. when they are first available (let's just say)... shouldn't I be getting access to the best seats (being that no-one else has purchased them yet??) I'm thinking "yes".

But instead, Ticketmaster is offering up seats at the "back of the bus" so to speak. What the F? It took 20 minutes but, after tossing back many pairs of offered tickets and retrying, I was able to get Floor tickets***. Explain that one to me? Why wouldn't I have been offered those first? Why row LL in the second tier at the back of the arena first? If I'm a dedicated enough Bon Jovi fan to drop everything and be trying to purchase tickets RIGHT WHEN THEY GO ON SALE (in fact, RIGHT WHEN THEY GO ON SALE BEFORE THEY REALLY GO ON SALE)... why shouldn't I be getting decent tickets? There is something strange afoot at the Circle K, is all I'm sayin'.

And don't think I won't also make a knitted voodoo doll for the person responsible for this f'd up ticket buying method either. Because of you, I'm going to be NOWHERE NEAR Jon Bon Jovi. Uh hello?! That's a serious offense, my friend. Now how's he supposed to spot me at the concert and realize he wants to leave his wife for me?! Tell me that one, huh?!

Maybe I can convince those Magic Gnomes which self-stripe my sock yarn to take on a new challenge. Hmmm.

* Gift Sock #1
** hello! Their punk songs use violin .... how can ya NOT love that?!?!
*** yes, floor tickets but not up close. CURSES!!

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Libby said...

It's called Magic Stripes yarn for a reason...some genius figured out how to dye the stuff so you don't have to learn how to change colours yet. And I thank him for it :)

Oh, and there's some yarns that produce a "fair isle" type pattern...don't know where you can find it, but it's supposed to be way super neato cool.

Good luck with the socks! :)