Monday, October 24, 2005

Calling all Naysayers

That's right ... I'm talking to you! You who said that I could never, EVER finish 3 pairs of socks by Christmas! Well, guess what?? I'm already finished with Gift Sock #1! That's right. Finished! HA! How do you like 'dem apples??!

And ... AND .....I'm already started on Gift Sock #3*. In fact, The Ribbing is already done! Whoo hooo!

That's right .... who's your Sock Knitting Goddess. You can say it ... go ahead**..... :)

* no, no ... you heard me right. Gift Sock #3. I figured I could maybe avoid The Second Sock Syndrome by starting with a new yarn color. Ya know, for excitement value. And so the plan is to knit three different colored socks ... then go back and knit their mates. See? It's brilliant, I tell ya, brilliant!!!!! (that is ... until I wind up with three different socks and no mates and hence not even ONE completed gift pair. But let's not talk about that possiblity, k? K! :))

** figured I'd talk smack while I could because I'm not so sure I'll be able to have as much time to knit as I did last week. Last week ... socially repugnant. This week ....not so much. Weird how the social calendar is cyclic like that.


T1 said...

Thank you. At the beginning I was wondering about the smugness...but then you admitted to knitting only the one sock of a pair...not that I blame you.

I'm fully understanding of the second sock syndrome (S3). Even as I knit my new pair and love, love, love the is highly likely there will be a different sock pair started in between sock #1 and sock #2.

But the Harlot is only 62 days until Christmas.


You could choose to tell the family that you knit them Christmas which case one sock would be completely understandable.

Just sayin'.

ms c said...

you are da' sock knitting goddess. i bow down to you. you are using the same theory i generally use with sweaters: knit back, knit one sleeve, knit front, knit other sleeve.... because the sox are gifts, does that mean we don't get to see pictures?

Kat said...

Yeah, sorry Ms C. No pics til after. But I'll take a group shot and post it after Christmas. Ya know, when all six are done. (hehe ... I love that I'm still livin' in The World Of The Preposterous and actually think I'll get all 6 done! ;))