Friday, October 28, 2005

This just in .... I'm also crazy

So y'all remember that laugh attack we all had over my truly thinking I could finish 3 pairs of socks before Christmas??!! Uh yeah.

Well ... this next lil ole tidbit I'm about to share with ya takes my insanity to an all new level.

Are ya ready?

I'm ALSO going to finish a pair of THESE!

Yep, just joined the Fuzzy-Feet-Knit-A-Long inspired by Crazy Aunt Purl!

So the By Christmas List is now:
  1. 3 pairs of Gift Socks
  2. 1 pair of Fuzzy Feet

Ah yes, The World of The Preposterous! It's quite the nice place to live. Really! :)

1 comment:

T1 said...

Woo hoo!! You signed up!

Bring on the Fuzzy Feet!