Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Beach Wedding Weekend

So I went to Lincoln City (on the Oregon Coast) this weekend with some friends for a beach wedding. No, the wedding wasn't mine. Because .. yeah ... I'm still working on getting The Date thing. BUT ... my friend K not only has done The Dates but was now doing The Wedding. On the beach. And it was absolutely beautiful! And had I had the Camera Battery Charger with me ... there would have been some camera battery juice left by the time the wedding rolled around so I'd have some wedding pictures to show ya. But instead, I have pre-wedding photos to share (because really, wedding photos ... who needs them?! But Emma helping me pack to head off for the wedding weekend ... Oh So Important. Right? Right. This is what I'm sayin'.)

So let's check out some of the important pictures, okay??! :)

As I mentioned previously, Miss Emma helping me pack. And please note the ultra sexy plaid pajama bottoms in the foreground. Yeah, I know, I know ... it IS a surprise that I'm still single when I'm obviously just oozing The Sexy! Two cats, knitting, plaid pajamas ..... watch out Angelina Jolie ...

A view out the living room windows of one of the houses that was rented over the weekend. This was "The Boy's" House. Check out this view....

A couple of other ocean shots:

The "Girl's" House was a gigantor Victorian style house. Three levels. Could have easily slept 18. Absolutely gorgeous and right on the beach as well. Here's a picture of one of the rooms to give you an idea (I'da taken more pictures of the house but, by this point, my "almost outta battery" light on my camera was flashing. Uhh, yeah. Moving on.)

A couple of sunset shots off the back deck...

One of my favorite signs EVER. Found this at the bowling alley. Look ... only $30 for a 3 finger drilling!

Lincoln City was hosting a kite festival while we were there. Here are a couple of pictures of that:

And this is what happens approximately 3 1/2 seconds after you give me control of a flying kite:

And last but not least, the women went out for a very nice dinner at a beachfront restaurant called The Bay House. And this tile can be found above the right-most sink in the women's bathroom. Now, not only is that position impossible (well, at least for those of us girls that tried it while we were laughing and pointing at the tile in the bathroom) but I'm pretty sure ....assuming toes cost the same as fingers ... that the bowling alley would charge $30 for this!!

Just sayin'! :)

And there you have it ... The Important pictures from this wedding weekend! :) (sorry, K! Really. I had NO idea the battery would run low this weekend. I had just charged it. I'm guessin' using the camera to shoot that ultra important "talking in helium-funny voices" bit on Saturday night musta sucked that battery right up. Who knew?? I can send you that for your wedding photo album! :))


Libby said...

Your pictures remind me a lot of my camera mishaps. I seem to take a lot of pictures of the floor and my shoes and stuff, but none of te important things like weddings, or my friend puking in the parking lot at the Treasure Island hotel....things of that sort :D

MeLissa said...

Your site is really fun! I enjoyed browsing through - especially the Paris pictures. I LOVE Paris, too! Oh and the date recap back in July was SOOO funny -I had a couple of those dates myself.

Speaking of which, no worries on the DATE stuff girlie...I'm sure you'll have good luck like me sooner or later (most likely when you're least expecting it - yeah, everybody told me that and I didn't believe them either!)-you seem fun and spunky and someone worthy will appreciate it! And, if you're really lucky, you'll find a prince charming like I have! Come check out our site, if you'd like, at www.mark-n-melissa.blogspot.com and see what is in store for you!!