Thursday, October 13, 2005


So I just read The Yarn Harlot's post today about the loss of her sisterlike-friend, Janine. (Again, Stephanie, my heart goes out to you).

Her post made me think about death .....and the loss of a loved one ....and related things which I don't very often think about actually.

And it also brought back memories of the loss of my dad (almost two decades ago now) and with it, this story.

So a couple of years ago I was shopping at a local grocery store just like I did every week.

And I was in the bulk food section just like I was every week.

And I was digging out some sour gummy worms just like I had every week.

When suddenly I had an urge to purchase some Bridge Mix candy which I didn't do ANY week EVER.

Bridge Mix was my dad's favorite candy and I had tried it as a youngster and it simply didn't appeal to me. (I think this was because there were some nuts in it and why would anyone ruin good chocolate with nuts?! Just sayin'). So I didn't eat it as a kid and certainly hadn't even tried it again for 15, 20, 25 years.

Until That Day. When I suddenly HAD TO HAVE IT. This candy which I had never purchased before. Ever.

Had. to. have. Isn't that odd?

So I turned behind me on the aisle to dig some out of the bins and suddenly thought ... "how weird ... is today the anniversary of the date of my dad's death?" So I thought about the date and realized ... "no, today is the day before the anniversary of the date of his death. But how WEIRD that would have been had it actually been the anniversary of the date of his death."

And continued merrily shopping (as "merrily" as one can be doing a chore they don't particularly enjoy, that is! ;)).

I finished shopping and, while writing a check to pay for the groceries, discovered that I was wrong. The date actually WAS the anniversary of the date of my dad's death. And got the chills. But in a good way.

Weird when stuff like that happens.

p.s. BTW, Dad ... you were right with regard to the Bridge Mix. That's some good stuff .... even with the nuts! :)


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goodgirl036 said...

Unfortunately, dad gets me about once every 3 mos. and I HAVE to have bridge mix, which I can eat in one sitting...yummy...but that was weird as you never have wanted it before.

Adam Clair Stremler said...

Keep on keeping on. Life can be great, full of chaos and purpose.
Regards, Andy Clair

Jeri said...

not weird - they are always with us, and sometimes they just want to say "hello". they choose the significant days and things so we will be sure to "get it". love never dies...