Friday, October 28, 2005

It's official .....I'm either old or a redneck

So I'm just minding my own business last night while out and about running errands.... lalala, lalala ... when I notice that it feels as if something is caught in between two of my back teeth. I'm in my car without any dental devices to assist me so I'm trying to work it with my tongue.

To no avail.

I get home and come up with the (dare I say it?) brilliant solution to eat licorice in an attempt to dislodge this nagging leftover. (Wait, what's that I hear? ... Is that everyone saying "uhhh, but why didn't you just grab some dental floss??" HUSH, all y'all Logical People. This is ME we're talking about. That strangers don't walk up to me on the street and hand me a helmet to wear amazes me each and every day!)

Anyway, as you may have guessed, the licorice didn't work. In fact, I finally gave up and headed to the bathroom mirror and couldn't find the problem due to the licorice coating (man that stuff can fill in the crevices!).

So I caved and grabbed the dental floss. I'm workin' it, I'm workin' it, I'm workin' it. Run my tongue over the area ... still there. And still hard to see the problem cuz uhhhh yeah ... still some licorice.

SO ....I grabbed the toothbrush and started working that trouble spot really, really, REALLY well. Again with the tongue test ..... STILL with the problem! WTF???!!!!

Back to the dental floss. But this time, I look a little closer and I'm thinking ... "why the hell does it look like something is wrong in the MIDDLE of the tooth? How is something stuck THERE?"

So I adjust lighting, adjust my angle, get RIGHT UP ON THE MIRROR (no easy feat ... it's pretty high up and behind a counter) and see the problem ......THERE IS A HOLE IN MY TOOTH, y'all!!! You heard me .... a hole in my tooth!!! WTF?!?!

Part of the tooth ... gone. Don't know where ... don't know when ... don't know if that was a filling ... or if I'm just falling part.

Sigh. Damn old age!

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