Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ready for a good laugh?

You ready for this?!

Are ya sitting down?!

Got some tissues to wipe the tears that stream down your face from laughing too hard??!!

Good. Here goes.....

With Christmas fast approaching, I thought it would be really awesome if I could knit up three pairs of socks for gifts this year.

You heard me...... THREE pairs of socks! Knitted by ME! By CHRISTMAS!

(that's okay ... finish your laughing ... I'll wait).



Okay. To answer your questions:

1. Yes, I'm serious.
2. Really. Dead serious. Three pairs!
3. Yes, by Christmas of THIS YEAR!
4. No, I am not paying someone else to knit them.
5. Yes, I DO realize it took me almost three months to knit only one pair.
6. Yes, I have done the math and realize that that will mean knitting one sock per one week plus for a total of 6 socks.
7. Why yes, I am slightly crazy and not at all in touch with reality, why do you ask?? :)

But it's GOOD to have dreams, people. Am I right? Am I right?? :)

And really ...I've already got the ribbing done on Gift Sock #1. (a tidbit I'm only throwing into this post because I like to talk about The Ribbing :)) So really, I'm already ahead of schedule! ;)

Now, next week when I still haven't reached the heel for GS #1, I'll reenter the World of Reality and maybe rethink my goal. But for today ... I'm dancing a jig in the World of The Preposterous!!! Care to join me? Chocolate doesn't make you fat here, ya know?! :)


T1 said...

I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

Who's the lucky recipient of the sock?

Libby said...

I have to go lie down now - but I totally feel your pain.

I just made a promise to my mother to whip up 17 pairs of slippers from my grandmother's pattern. By Christmas. In 17 different sizes. But there's no pattern.

Sis said...


Please, please, please.

Me first, okay? That way IF (and I am sure this won't happen) only one or two socks get done, I will get them.

I am assuming I am on the list being family and all. Family gets the boooouuuutiful homemade gifts, right?

And you know how I need some warm socks here. I DO! The air conditioning cranked up to freezing is making my toesies cold.

I need socks!! PLEASE...