Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Hiding out!

So I just finished dog-sitting Friday and Penny for a friend (hi T1!). I had them at my house. Yep, threw two dogs into my two cat household! Can you say "fun"??

Anyway, Miss Emma gets intimated fairly easily by anything out of the ordinary (seriously, god forbid a knee joint make a cracking sound when I stand up or something). So I didn't see much of her the last five days.

CJ, on the other hand, tries to go about life normally and will put up with (albeit very grumpily) having other inferior beings (as she considers them) in her household. So if she wanted a treat, by god, no two dogs prancing around her in the kitchen were going to sway her from standing in their midst trying to get my attention for turkey. The most she did was raise her voice a bit to be heard over the sound of 8 sets of dog toenails rat-tat-tatting on the hardwood floors and metal id tags jostling on dog collars.

Simply put ... she rocks!

However, there did come a time when Friday (the big dog) lunged for CJ while CJ was sitting on the coffee table and that annoyed CJ enough that she too retired from doggie-accessable parts of the house and headed out the kitty door to the garage/laundry room area.

Which is where I snapped this picture! Ain't they cute?! CJ with her "Fine! Take the freakin' picture but then can you please remove those two THINGS from my house, please?!" look. And Emma with her .... well .... errr ....yawning look of oblivion. (she just isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, ya know?!)

Of course, I look at the picture and think "how have I been living with the washer and dryer not lining up correctly??". (perhaps I need to find a 1-800-OCD-HELP phone number number?)

Anyway, here's introducing both Friday and Penny!

Friday says: "here kitty-kitty!" Penny says:"you're disrupting my sleep"

Very cute, tis true?! (Except for that hungry look in Friday's eyes, of course (seriously, CJ is one brave kitty cat, you've got to give her that!))

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T1 said...

I'm pretty sure Friday is thinking..."hmmm, when can I steal some socks from the dirty laundry?" She's not smart enough to actually work up a scheme for kitty-hunting.

Penny on the other hand...dead on. Unless you have food or you want to scratch her belly...do not disturb her sleep. Surprised she didn't have her blanket jammed in her mouth.

Apologies to CJ. Friday does not understand The Rules.

And everyone? Penny is NOT fat. She's big-boned. That's her story and she sticking to it.