Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Anyone have a knitting pattern for an ark??

Anyone? Because I think those of us in Portland are going to need it!! The rain has been coming DOWN!

And hello .... yes, the Portland area is used to a lot of rain. Which is why I think I need to start knitting the ark right away because when you start to see the streets piling up with water here .... ya know it's a bad sign.

And it looks like it won't be stopping any time soon!

So please, please, please send a knitting pattern for an ark so I can get started. Oh, and maybe some yarn (cuz I'm thinkin' there would need to be much yarn to build an ark!).

Or .... hmmm, I suppose you could just send out the Coast Guard boat for me. Ya know, loaded up with the cute, single Coast Guard men! ;) Tell 'em that I'll be the chick huddled on the roof with two cats, two finished Gift Socks and one (still to be fuzzied) Fuzzy Foot! They can't miss me! ;)


T1 said...

You ain't lyin' sista! What the hell?? I think the issue is not the rain...but the lazy asses who just piled all their leaves in the street which are now clogging the sewer drains and creating lakes everywhere. (soapbox anyone??)

On the plus side...the lakes are pretty damn fun to drive through on the way into work.

Kat said...

Sure, sure ... for those of you that have SUVs. But for those of us in the little rear wheel drive sports cars (ya know, the cars that fishtail if anyone even just spits near us) ... ain't so much fun.

(errr, unless there is someone standing on the sidewalk next to the lake, of course!) Then it's kinda fun! (what? who me? I'm just kidding! SHEESH! :))

ms c said...

i guess i should just keep quiet about this one, huh?

[blah blah blah paradise southern arizona blah blah blah]

sorry...i couldn't help myself.

Liz G. said...

Couldn't resist - the ark pattern's near the bottom of the page


Kat said...

hehehe. That's hysterical! Thanks, Liz!