Saturday, December 31, 2005

Brain back in action!

Or at least, I found the picture of Ms C's socks! Whoo hoo!

All the other Christmas Gift Socks I made using the easy-to-use and (might I say?) scarily magical Lion Brand Magic Stripes yarn. But I couldn't find these "desert sunset" colors I wanted to use for Ms C's socks in that brand so I had to hunt and hunt until I found a different yarn (*brand of which will be inserted here once brain is tracked down again!*):

I think they came out pretty cool. Definitely funky ... but cool. And ... they fit her! Whoo hoo!


ms c said...

these are the most beautiful socks i have ever seen or owned. so beautiful, they should be framed. however, it got cold the other night (down to 60 LOL) so i wore them! i love them! thanks for searching, kat, for those yarn colors. now that i've moved out of pacific nw black and grey, they match all my new orange and turquoise outfits.

Kat said...