Wednesday, December 14, 2005

11 Days and Counting

T1 and I went to a Stitch N Bitch last night in which, one would think, much knitting would get done. Especially being that Christmas is a mere 11 DAYS AWAY (!!!!) ... and there are Christmas projects still to be knitted.

So I'm sitting there working on my last gift sock ... the final one ...... and (for me ... the Slow-Ass Knitter)... socks simply take a hell of a long time. They just do.

And so, I get kinda bored with my project and my eyes start to wander ... to what other people are knitting. And ya know, the yarn they are using. And another friend was there last night ... to learn to knit. And I had helped her pick out some REALLY cool yarn .... something easy and bulky with which to make a simple scarf.

And so I sat there ... diligently knitting away on my sock .... and really ... not making much progress because (have I mentioned?) ... they take a HELL OF A LONG TIME. But still putting in my time. But my eyes kept wandering over to her yarn. And by the end of the SnB I simply HAD TO HAVE IT. Resistence was futile!

And so I bought some. Ya know, for future projects ... once all the Christmas knitting is done.

(Uh yeah ... right. Anyone else buying that I would have such willpower? Yeah, the Yarn Gods neither.)

So here's the yarn ...............

And here's the scarf I started. (Looked how cool those colors are!!!).

Though I was just knitting it up real quick in garter stitch (on super huge needles!) to get a feel for it and so really need to frog it and redo in some other sort of fancier stitch. I'm just not sure which at this point. Any suggestions?

And, of course, the frogging and reknitting will occur AFTER all my Christmas knitting is done.

No, no ... really. :)


T1 said...

You are such a liar. You know you just wanna finish in garter so's you can wear it to visit the fam for Christmas.

Although...should you actually frog it and re-knit. Might I suggest the loopy drop stitch style a la Crazy Aunt Purl?

Kat said...

I'm not so sure about the loopy (let's wait and see how CAP's finished end comes out (OMG I need a life!!!)) but the drop stitch could be good since I only have the one skein ... ya know, cuz I love those super-long scarves and I'm already running outta yarn.

Might I add, Jenn's skein started and finished on the same colors. Which is cool for OCD people like me. Whereas the rest of this one appears to be all one color. Not happy. Now my fringe can't coordinate to the color on each end

(no seriously, I hear myself say this stuff and I REALLY need to get a life!!!

Sis said...

I could really really use a scarf. It's a starting to get cold here (50-60s)!! Beautiful yarn! I love it!

Liz G. said... that yarn!

Must control myself - I have Christmas presents to buy!