Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Enough with the whining ...

... let's view the finished product!

Well, not completely finished in that I need a topper and a few things to fill in. Especially the bottom portion of the tree ... aptly called "The Pet Zone". You know, that area on the tree that must be kept free of all "good" ornaments in preparation for the cat attacks. Of which there will be many. I'm thinkin' it's kinda bare because that's where I used to put the majority of Mr X's ornaments ... what with him only helping with the lights and then calling out his "tradition" of only hanging one ornament. (Really, over the course of so many years you'da thought he would have figured out why the pets only broke his stuff. ;) (what?? (*insert wide-eyed innocent look here*))

This year I've taken preemptive measures though to protect those ornaments I do have. It's called a Bungee Buddy and it works kinda like this:

(Thanks to Emma for the demonstration!)

I'm hoping this provides more enticing entertainment than any of the lower hanging ornaments. I'll let you know how it goes! ;)


T1 said...

I'm all for simplicity with the tree myself. Lights, ribbon, colored balls, angel. Wah La!

And to think you had all the stuff for tree decorating. See? You are a little bit Martha after all. (except for the whole crazy, OCD, jail-bird stuff)

d said...

Yeah, but what about the PICKLE?


d said...

I'd say more but I'm still reeling from pondering yesterday's entry.

T1, where can I find a hot drunk gu...er, uh...gal?


MeLissa said...

Beautiful tree, Kat.
I find that putting various gift bags (with strategically stuffed tissue paper) keeps Pixie from misbehaving. I have also heard a suggestion that you tie cat toys to the bottom branches...I think I might try that if I ever get a bigger tree.