Thursday, December 08, 2005

LOVE you, Yarn Gods!

I do! I do! I do!!!

So I go back to Michaels at lunch today figuring that if the Patons Twister yarn I want is still not there (yes, yes ... I held out the slight hope that it would magically have been restocked during the night) then I would be able to peruse the tons of yarn they have and find something else with which to knit this Gift Scarf. This time buying more than I think I'll need, of course!

So I look ... and the bin is still empty. Sigh.

I look at some of the other yarn but don't really find anything that speaks to me right away.

Even with all this yarn to look at..........

But then ... ah ha ..... I spot a Workerbee. So I ask if perchance they have any of the yarn I need hiding out in the stockroom. To which she replies that any extras are stored for all to see uptop the yarn bins.

SWEET, I think. And excitedly start to scour the yarn up top in the hopes of finding the one measly little skein of yarn I need.

To no avail.

Workerbee had looked with me when she came upon the brilliant idea of using her Snazzy Techno Gizmo Thingamabob (STGT) to see what IT says they have in stock for my yarn. She checks and says "it says we have two........ so we're probably out".

Now Peeps ... most normal folks here would think "I'm sure the Workerbee knows what's she's talking about. They're out". But I'm not Normal Folk. Or perhaps I am kinda Normal Folk .. .but just really optimistic. Or insane. Whatever. Because all I could focus on was that the Snazzy Techno Gizmo Thingamabob said "we have TWO". And if the STGT says they have two ... why wouldn't there still be two hiding somewhere in the store? For there not to be two ... they'da had to have been shoplifted. Right? And though I know shoplifting occurs ... who would shoplift yarn?? Knitters?? Oh, I don't think so. We knitters are good peeps.

And so I began to hunt the mass of yarn bins with only one thought in mind ..........."come to mama, my little two skeins of Patons Twister Regal"

So I search and search and search ... looking in all bins to see if my little skeins are misplaced. And voila......... I spot this ... and my heart skips a beat....

Could it be?? Is it possible??? I look closer and find ..............

.It is! It is!!! The Snazzy Techno Gizmo Thingamabob was right! There ARE two left! WHOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

For once my insanity paid off! I was sooo happy I almost bought both. But then thought perhaps another knitter was going through the same trauma and so placed one back safely in its bin and purchased the other!

Happy days are here again, folks! Don't think they aren't! :)


Sis said...

Coolness. What a plucky lucky girl!

T1 said...

Is it mean to mention that they were probably there yesterday? Happily sitting in that other bin? Giggling as you cursed?

I'm betting Worker Bee is related to those people at the Library who stare at you with blank looks when you calmly ask where a book is when the system clearly says it's in and yet it isn't on the shelf? And then they proceed to go to the shelf to look...just in case you can't read and maybe were distracted by the pretty colors of the books...but lo! and behold! The book isn't there! And they suggest you put it on hold? Because somehow that will make the book magically appear.

And I'll tell's probably not nice to throttle the volunteer folks at the Library...but might just knock some sense into 'em.

Just sayin'.

MeLissa said...

Congratulations on your return to favor with the yarn gods. :)

And may I just say I have one of the funnier verification strings ever - hohfbs - ho! fubs....maybe I'm just going crazy, but it made me want to laugh.

goodgirl036 said...

Congrats! But I am a little worried. Is there a "Knitter's Anonymous"???