Friday, December 30, 2005

Missing In Action

My brain appears to be MIA. Not quite sure how that happened ... but it has. So there will be NO pictures of Ms C's socks today. Those pics are hiding out with my brain somewhere .... quite possibly on my home computer. And had I had my brain WITH me last night, I would have grabbed them from there and uploaded them. Both of them. But no, alas, it was not meant to be brain ... so no more sock pictures. Perhaps tomorrow?

BUT, I DO have pictures of the Toddler Booties. (A miracle, I know!) So here they are ... without further ado ..... the before and after the felting* shots.

*p.s. Kudos to the Knit One, Felt Too book. This bootie pattern is from there and I just loved the simplicity of the directions in the pattern. Talk about explaining every little thing! Perfect for me! The only flaw I've noted is not emphasizing for those of us without brains that "Toddler" does NOT equal "Infant". Oh, and that whole "check your gauge" instruction ... yeah, that should probably be DOUBLE bolded. Just sayin'! :)


T1 said...

Love the butterflys! Those are perfect for Sterling. (Are they for Sterling?)

Gauge is a good thing. Apparently. Those of us who choose to ignore it often pay the consequences. Ahem...not saying I am one of those people...not saying I ain't either. But if anyone knows someone with a ginourmous head who needs an orange and pink hat...let me know.

Lizze said...

Hey Kat - I thought about you the other day. Why? I saw a Lionbar ice cream :)

Never seen one before and I did smile cos the 2nd thought was about you. Weird since we have never mer but there you go. Power of blogging!

Kat said...

Lionbar ice-cream??? Holy cow .... that sounds yumm-i-lishious! You can send some of that when you ship me some Magnum bars!!! (what?? A cooler and a little dry ice ... it could work!!

(Thanks for the thoughts, Lizze!)