Monday, December 05, 2005

I am woman, hear me ... whimper??

Folks, I have been fine, I tell ya ... FINE so far this year dealing with this holiday season alone again.

Had a great Thanksgiving with friends which is what I would probably do with or without That Special Someone in my life (the difference being that he would have been there too). Christmas? ... got myself hooked up to fly outta state to meet with family for Christmas. Check ... got that covered. Even have a couple of friends going to be there to share it with me too which I'm pretty damn excited about. So only two holidays left to deal with before I can breathe free for a few months again. New Years and f'in Valentine's Day. Still haven't figured either of those out but not quite panicking.... yet.

So life is grand. Right?

It's just weird ... because I remember distinctly thinking after surviving the holidays last year that "whew, well that's over now and there is certainly no way I'll STILL be single come the holidays again next year". And yet ... guess what? YEP. Me. Holidays. Single. STILL.

Now some might think that's pathetic. But really, usually I'm okay with The Single. Because I don't want to hook up with JUST anyone. So I would prefer to wait for that someone completely and utterly special. You know, Mr Right. (assuming he exists ... and I have yet to give up hope that he does). And normally I'm able to keep myself so busy that I don't have time to stop and dwell on it.

But there are those rare occasions when I get a bit melancholy about not having a partner in crime. And I'm not sure if it's the longing for the Mr Right or simply the longing for a best friend that is single too that can share that Single Load sometimes. You know, tit for tat ... I'll help you with this project and you help me with this other one.

Ya know ... like this weekend ... when getting the Christmas tree. Which I decided to do this year even though I'll be gone for the actual holiday. I did it ... this weekend ....on my own .... and that's fine. But really .... there are a lot of things I CAN do on my own. And those I don't know how to do, I can usually learn. But sometimes ... just sometimes ... it would simply be nice not to HAVE to do them on my own. To have someone to do them with. Ya know, without having to pay them. And/or without having to feel as if I'm imposing on them.

I am woman, hear me roar ... I can get my own damn Christmas tree. But truth be told ... I didn't want to.


MeLissa said...

Miss Kat, I totally remember being where you are. I do. It wasn't that long ago really. Holidays always make it harder to deal with being single when it seems that everyone else has someone...especially that stupid Hallmark Holiday V-Day (short for I Think I'm Gonna "Vomit Day," of course).

I'm hear to tell you that Mr. Right for You is out there. The problem is that you have to go through hell before you'll recognize him because only then will you truly appreciate him and the joy he brings to your life.

I was at the point where if I never went on a date with a "boyfriend/prospect" again, it would be too soon...and lo and behold, I meet this guy who's a blast to hang out with. So, yeah I'll just have fun with this and enjoy my new "guy friend" who I can't possibly imagine ever being serious with. This is what I was thinking when I met the guy who's now my husband.

Love comes, as you've heard many-a-time, I'm sure, when you least expect it. And, it will for you. It will. You will find it - really! (a little positive reinforcement for you here!)

Until you do, you will always have me, T1 and all your other "real" and blog buddies here to support you when things get a little tough. When he finally comes along we will all be here cheering and will enjoying learning all about the heavenly choirs that follow you wherever you go. Mr. Right is worth waiting for - everything worth anything is. Be patient and he'll find you. :)

T1 said...

I second Melissa. Because I was absolutely NOT going to the end of semester/Holiday party...I WAS NOT!!...but my roommate pestered. And I sure as hell drove my own car. Just in case I wanted to leave. Who knew I'd end up marrying that cute drunk guy?? (C' was college, post-finals...we were all drunk.)

But of know all this. I know you do. Just...sometimes it's what you least expect. When you least expect it.

Sis said...

Awwww. Wish I was there with you, Sis. I woulda helped you carry the tree.

Now let me tell you the other side of the story. What happens if you are married and you still have to put up (fake tree; forgive me just think dry, dry AZ weather and the possibility of saving $40. this year; nough said?) the tree all by yourself?

So you are right. It would be nice to have another in your life to help carry the tree, but hold out for one who will actually be happy to help you pick out the tree and maybe carry it for you and then help you put the ornaments on it and be thrilled to find you the perfect presents to adorn the bottom of the tree.

And like your friends said that does happen when you least expect it. So when all faith is lost (or when you are looking your worst and hoping not to meet anybody) that is when Mr. Somebody will come along.

And he'll be lucky to have ya!

ms c said...

hi kat. ditto ditto ditto. everything you said. ditto. did you read the girlspoke entry where i think it's meme writes about the "doldrums", the period between thanksgiving and valentine's day? it's hell for us singles. and yeah, yeah, yeah, mr right will come along but until then it sucks. maybe you should have a kid LOL. i always had my daughter to help put up the xmas tree. after she moved away i had to do it on my own (my cat tried to help but he just didn't have the stamina) - the worst part was getting the tree into the damn stand. another good thing about living in an 8x22 foot trailer - no room for a tree!

so hang in there - we'll find some really hot guys on xmas eve. trust me!

d said...

Uh, HELLO?!?! I'm a hot guy (shuttit!) AND I helped her move her frickin' tree in from the garage!

Grumble, grumble...

I'm gonna go have another margarita...

PS I'm just playin... I know what you're talking about, Kat and all of you... Believe me.

I'm just hoping I can get struck by lightning, really... seriously... where do I mount this Weathervane?