Wednesday, December 21, 2005

True Christmas Spirit

While browsing the news this morning I found an awesome example of some great Christmas spirit:
A "Parking Ticket Santa Claus" has been spreading cash as well as Christmas cheer around the English city of Birmingham, a newspaper reported Wednesday.

The mystery Santa has placed Christmas cards containing 30 pounds ($53) on the windscreens of drivers who have received parking tickets, the Daily Telegraph said.
"Don't let this ticket spoil your Christmas," declares a note in each card. "Here's #30 to pay it off. Merry Christmas - Parking Ticket Santa."
How fabulous is that???!!! Now doesn't that just warm the cockles* of your heart?!

* hey! That wasn't snickering I heard because I used the word "cockles", was it??!


stephanie said...

That's absolutely wonderful.

Mark and MeLissa said...

here here! Another thing that is wonderful that I'm sure you'd like to know Miss K is that Mark's surgeries went "very well" today. :) Thanks for your positive thoughts - keep 'em comin!

Kat said...

That's really AWESOME news, MeLissa. I'm really glad. Fast recovery thoughts to Mark.

It's weird, I've got another friend's husband that goes in for surgery tomorrow. Who knew the holiday season was about surgery?! I didn't ... and I don't like it!! :)