Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Christmas Knitting

As promised, pictures of the Christmas knitting!

Here is a group photo of the socks for my mom and sisters:

Hi Sock-Socks! Are you okay in your new homes?? Are your new owners treating you with the respect you deserve? You know, framed and displayed over the mantle for all to see?

No? What's that? They might actually try to
wear you?? (*gasp*)

My poor Sock-Socks. I'm sorry. Well, if they do wear you, please remember to try your darndest (ha!) to not unravel. Errr, at least on the first wearing. If they're fool enough to try to wear you more than once than I figure they deserve what they get after that. Right? Right! :)

Also completed were the two hats: one for my sister A's boyfriend and one for my brother-in-law*.

Granted, neither hat is spectacular but I'd like y'all to note that rumor has it both fit their respective recipients. It's a miracle, I tell ya .... MIRACLE!!!!

Also completed were a pair of socks for my friend Ms C. Which ... I have a picture of somewhere ... I swear. Just apparently not with me right now. Sigh. So I'll post that tomorrow. As well as a picture of the finished I-Was-Supposed-To-Be-Baby-But-Am-Now-Toddler Booties.

Hope y'all had a great Christmas! I'm back in town now and will try to post "Christmas in Laughlin" pictures later this week! Happy Thursday, everyone!

*"brother-in-law" as in "my sister J's husband" not my sister A's. Just to clarify! ;)


T1 said...

I am so proud of your Christmas knitting! If I showed you mine...all it would be is a half finished hat.

Kat said...

awwww schucks! Thanks T1!

Sis said...

I love my new socks! But I am afraid to wear them. They are just too darn pretty.

Mark and MeLissa said...

Absolutely fabulous work! :) I'm glad you're back to amuse us - life just isn't nearly as fun without you! To combat boredom, I amused myself with taking pictures of my kitties in a Santa hat. ;) I may just be ahead with respect to next year's Christmas cards - woo hoo!

goodgirl036 said...

I wore mine once, because remember I am where there is snow. However, this week 50's and 60's, so I am thinking of summer (just a dream, because January is always zero degrees for about a week). They are great though. And boyfriend's mom thought they were done on a machine and would like a sweater. And no rumor here...J wore the hat for the whole day on Christmas. Way to go knitting goddess.