Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006, Everyone!

Happy New Year, everyone!

As many do at this time of year, I reflect on the past and set goals for the future. And I've thought long and hard about a resolution list this year and about the eating better, exercising more, losing weight, creating and sticking to a budget, revamping the old career, etc, etc, etc items that I would normally resolve to do. But really, the past has shown that at times during the year I'll do those things ... and at times I won't. It all just seems to depend. And I can't imagine that this year I will resolve to do those things and then actually be able to stringently stick to those guidelines all year. Just ain't gonna happen...right? I mean, I have decided to eat better lately in the hopes of shedding that holiday weight gain (damn fudge) and have done an excellent job of it the past 4 days. But will this willpower still be in effect 10 months from now? Hell, how about 10 hours from now? Can't say. And certainly can't promise.

So I've decided my resolution list this year will consist soley of things I CAN do. All year. So I've thought and thought and thought ... and found that my list contains only 1 item.

So, alas, without further ado, Kat's 2006 New Year's Resolution List:

1. Stop asking Santa to bring me a HottieHotHot Cabana Boy for Christmas each
year and instead ask Santa to bring me a HottieHotHot Lightbulb Changer Boy.
Because really, perhaps Santa hasn't fulfilled my wish in the past because I
don't have a cabana? I'm thinking that must be what it is because I have been
good this past year. Ya know, for the most part. And yet still ... me ... with
no hard-bodied, shirtless Cabana Boy. Sad really.

So I'm thinkin', because I have this oddball habit of dragging my feet with regard to changing lightbulbs (last count there are 4 bulbs out at my place: hall light, front porch, 1 of 4 in bathroom vanity, and 1 in bedroom ceiling fan) that Santa can't possibly deny me a HottieHot Lightbulb Changer Boy, right? Right. Because, believe me, I will always have the lightbulbs that need changin'. Well, unless the cats finally learn how to reach the high ones. Because, for some reason, I just hate doing it. I can. I do. I don't want to. Weird, I know ... but there ya go. So this coming Christmas my goal is to tell Santa ... nix the HottieHotHot Cabana Boy and please bring me a HottieHotHot Lightbulb Changer Boy instead please. Or a HottieHot Candle Lighter. I'm going to need one or the other. Thank you!

So there you have it. Wish me luck! Though this resolution just might be the one I'll be able to stick to. ;)


goodgirl036 said...

I am with you, because hottie hot light bulb changer is what every woman needs at least in our family. That's why I had table lamp in bedroom because never did get bedroom light in ceiling changed. Or hall, or kid's room. The ceiling fan was the only one that got changed because did not have cover and of course bathroom out of necessity, but did bring boy over to change for me : ) Maybe a family curse. What do you think?

T1 said...

For love of your own safety and those of your friends who check on your kitties when you are out of town...At least, at the VERY least...put a new lightbulb in the front porch light.

Don't make me lecture you about safety. I'll do it.

The rest of the lights can wait for HottieHotHot Lightbulb Changer.

oakland heidi said...

Oh I hope hottiehothot lightbulb changer guy comes your way. And maybe the two of you can vacation somewhere with a Cabana...

Kat said...

goodgirl036 - very HAPPY to hear that I'm not the only one with regard to this lightbulb thing. hehe. Cool.

T1 - the front porch is changed. Sigh. As is the bathroom. Though the halllight and bedroom still need to be done. They require the assistance of a chair or ladder so I'm thinking I'll get around to it sometime in February ... or next December?? :)

Oakland Heidi - thank you. And I second your hope! :)