Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Damn you, Yarn Gods!

Okay, folks. So I'm knitting up a scarf as a Christmas gift for a friend with two skeins of a yarn I purchased recently. (I know, I know ... I have all this sock and hat knitting to do ... but just wanted to cram this one more knitted gift in real quick like, ya know?!)

So I'm almost through the second skein and determined that I want just one more skein to make it the correct length. So I go to Michaels at lunch to grab it real quick and took this picture of all this lovely yarn. (True ... it's the funky kind of yarn ... but that's fun once in awhile, dontcha think?)

Look at all that yarn ... loads and loads of it, right?

And two whole columns of the type I need ... Patons Twister. See?

Uh yeah. So I'm guessing by now you see which color I wanted, right? No? Well let me enlighten you..........

That's right ... the ONLY one that does not have any!!!

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH! $%^#@ mother-^#@!%$$#. How can ALL the other colors be FULL of skeins ... and the one I need one measly little skein of .... completely empty! GAH!

So .... this means I need to:

1. Scour all surrounding Michael stores for this one skein (time consuming ... and I think I only know where one other Michaels is. Which I won't have time to get to it for a couple of days). Or...
2. Frog what I've done and redo it narrower so I can get further with the yarn I have. Or...
3. Finish with what I have and simply have the scarf shorter than I would like. Or...
4. Buy a different yarn and start from scratch.

Now normally, I'd nix option 4 right off that bat. But ...

1. I actually emailed a pic of this scarf in question (SIQ) to T1 earlier today to see whether she thought it was Butt Ugly or Funky Cool (cuz it's one or the other and I can't decide). She said she liked it ... but she has yet to see it in broad daylight (as I just did on my drive over to Michaels). And let me tell you ... the wearer of this scarf will be drawing some attention .... just sayin'.
2. It would mean I'd get to go shop for more yarn. So ... ya know ... there is that.

GAHHH! Dilemmas, dilemmas.

Dear Santa,

Can we push Christmas back a week .... or two ... this year, ya think? I've been good ....(sadly so) ... really ... check your list.

Great, thanks!

Oh, p.s. ... not to be a tattle tale or anything ... but those Yarn Gods ... not so nice. Just sayin'.


T1 said...

Is wrong that I am totally snickering? Although really? I'm gonna head out apres work and not find the one skein of the one color that I need because Karma has bit me on the ass.

Thanks for the pics from Michael's. As if I need more reasons to buy yarn.

Also, I just remembered why I was looking at the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino last night...which I didn't remember while I was looking at it...I was gonna make something for Rodi's birthday. Oops. I guess I'll just have to go back to Lint. Darn it all!!

Anonymous said...

There is a Michaels in Tualatin. Of course I would have to wear a disquise if I went there to get it for you because real men don't knit right?

MeLissa said...

You know - I keep trying to come up with something witty to post re putting off Christmas but I'm just not getting anything that doesn't end up with a cynical statement (life's throwing me some curve balls, too) so I'll abstain and just say that I have faith that you will complete your scarf and your other projects in time.

In fact, I just had another solution pop into my head for you...

How about if you finished off your scarf at the end of your current skein supply and then found a lovely coordinating color to not only pull up the "gonna make people stare color" into a work of art, but also to add length to either could even do two colors. And, perhaps, if you really want to get creative, you could crochet these two end pieces onto the original scarf piece and then add a little border around the whole thing.

THAT would be cute, I'm thinking, especially if you used a nice wispy scallop pattern or something. At least with something of that nature you wouldn't lose all your work.

Whatever you decide, I look forward to seeing the finished product just as I always do. :) You're making me think I need to pull out the ol' knitting needles and try to remind myself how to knit and perl again...but I think, for now, I'll stick to quilting...

Kat said...

Thanks for the suggestions, MeLissa. But apparently you're under the impression that I know WHAT THE HELL I'M Add "crochet"? ...."borders"? ...."wispy scallop patterns"??? tee hee heee. I love your faith in me. Thank you!

But thankfully, the Yarn Gods smiled on me today and so I will be able to Just Knit. Whew! :)