Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Speaking of Thanksgiving Weekend Knitting....

.... and because this here is a Knitting Blog ... (*snicker*) ... have I told y'all my latest knitting news? No?

Well then.....

...all three pairs of Christmas Gift socks are FINISHED! That's right ... THREE PAIRS .. FINISHED! Can you believe it?? Whoo hoooo! And it's still only November!!!!

I'd post pictures .. .but ya know ... Christmas gifts! So I'll post those in about a month!

Plus, with all the knitting time over this Thanksgiving weekend, I was able to crank out this grey hat for my brother-in-law ... (he doesn't read this blog so I can actually post a picture!)

I had to guess at his head size so we'll see if it fits! And it's actually a darker grey than it looks in the picture. Nothing too exciting, I know ... but really, hand knit... by me ... and potentially fitting .... I'm handing out miracles for Christmas, I tell ya!! :)

And the hat was so quick and easy (of course, relative to my knitting socks .. what doesn't seem "quick and easy"!?? :)) that as soon as I arrived home Sunday I frogged my boob hat and reknit it into this hat for me!

Which, now that I look at this picture, actually still looks kinda like a boob, doesn't it?! Sigh. Yeah, well, at least it doesn't look like one when on my head! Which is a very significant improvement, don't think it isn't! ;)

(Oh, and please ignore that patch of grey there in the bottom left corner ... that would be CJ coming over to see what I was up to. Nosy, nosy, nosy!)

I have since started on another gift hat. One in which I might try incorporating a stripe! (that's a doosey for this here remedial knitter being that it involves changing yarns (on purpose!)!! So wish me luck! :)). And maybe I'll do another pair of socks. Or I could finish a couple of scarves I already have on needles.

Hmmmm. What other suckers ...errr, I mean, loved ones.... can I give homemade gifts to for Christmas?? Ponder, ponder, ponder. Friends, I'd start averting your eyes if I were you to avoid getting picked!!! :)


T1 said...

I forget...what's the pink hat made out of??

Kat said...

Rowan Big Wool