Friday, November 04, 2005

This is a knitting blog???

When the hell did THAT happen???!

And yet ... and yet .... I just found that I was linked here as a local knitting blog*. Hello? Have ya SEEN pictures of the things I knit?!

Case in point .... I knitted THIS ... and no...this is NOT supposed to be a yamika....

Granted, I do BLOG about my knitting attempts. But truly, this blog was created for friends who wanted to hear about my dating escapades.

Yes, you heard me correctly, folks .... D-A-T-I-N-G. Ya know, that thing I don't blog about because ... well, frankly .... what's a date, again?


And I guess, hence all the free time to knit. Or to attempt knitting should I say. Because I simply don't consider myself A Knitter. Just a person who occasionally knits.

And yes, there IS a difference.

Because really, would A Real Knitter hate to purl? No.

And would A Real Knitter's purling involve propping a needle up against the tummy and biting the lip to keep the cursing to a minimum while trying to loop yarn around flailing needles? Stitch by blessed** stitch??
I think not. ( But, if so, then I'm The Purling Queen, baby!)

And would A Real Knitter call the third gift sock they were knitting, Gift Sock #5?? (You heard me ... the third sock is sock number five). No ... because A REAL Knitter would not have to knit GS#1, GS#3, and GS#5 before going back to knit the sock mates: GS#2, GS#4 and GS#6. Am I right?? Oh, I think so.

And yet, now I'm feeling the pressure to blog about knitting. And really ....because I AM doing a lot of knitting lately (ie. at home dateless), you'd think I'd be able to. BUT ... my current knitting is The Christmas Gift knitting ... so I can only say things such as: "The socks are soooo cool ..... I'd show ya pictures ... but uh yeah ... can't til after Christmas". Now where's the blog knitting fun in that? :)

No, no ... it's a stretch to call this blog a blog about knitting. That's for dang sure. :)

But there will definitely be knitting talk every once in awhile. Like now, for instance, when I share with you a picture of the first foot of my friend T1's Fuzzy Feet***. She forewent the 3" cuff due to yarn shortage. But as a "booty", this looks great! Can't wait to see it felted!

And maybe someday .... just MAYBE ... I'll be able to get back to blogging about dating. In the meantime, fine, fine ...pass the yarn.

*don't get me wrong. I am SOO flattered that any stranger simply reads my blog, let alone links to it! So thank you, Shetha ... I may think you're kinda crazy ... but don't think I don't LoveLoveLove ya! :)

** when I say "blessed" ... I'm actually meaning "f'ing". ;)

***Well, you can see part of the FF anyway. T1 doesn't have a digital camera and so had to try to hurriedly ...and without getting noticed by the bosses ...scan in her fuzzy foot at her office. SCANNED it in!!! HAHAHA. That just cracks me up! Love you, T1!!!


T1 said...

Don't make fun of us techmology challenged peeps. Sigh.

I'll just out caught at the scanner...because it insisted that I was trying to scan text and could not figure out what the document size was...and I needed help, because I couldn't figure out how to tell the scanner I was scanning a giant bootie. So the whole covert ops thing wasn't so covert.

And work peeps are just mad because maybe I promised knitted things and haven't come through on any of them. Whatever.

At least Kat will post pics of my knitting....if only because I'm the one who will actually make the socks for our non-book reading book club and she feels guilty. (you do feel guilty right??) Or she feels bad because she was there when the last camera was stolen and her stuff was left untouched.

Although at some point she will point out that I should get my own damn camera and my own damn blog. If only so I stop leaving windy-ass comments on hers.

Tee hee!

Love you Kat!!

Kat said...

What?! I need SOMEONE to leave comments ... so with so few, the more windy-ass the better, I'm thinkin'! :)

And as for the guilt about not knitting for the non-book bookclub peeps ... well yeah ... there is that ... though hey, I think I've got some sock openings for next year. They just need to be patient, is all!

But no matter how hard you try ... I'm not feeling guilty about the Hawaii theft thing. Amused, maybe ... but not guilty!! ;) (Nice try on trying to sneak that one in there though!)

Tai said...

Hey as a non-knitter, I'm in awe anyway!

Kat said...

Thanks, Tai ... you rock!

Mark and MeLissa said...

Since you're feeling comment-challenged currently, I'll leave one saying that I find your blog terribly amusing whether you write about dating, knitting or another zany topic. Definitely good for a chuckle. :)

Have a super Monday (is that possible?) ;)


Kat said...

Aw shucks! Thank you, MeLissa... that was very sweet!!

T1 said...

Erm...did I ever mention that the yamika looks like it's inside out in the pic? No? Oh. Well never mind.