Friday, November 18, 2005

The Knitting Rules

[okay, the photo software strike is over. (actually, I found a workaround -- screw you photo-upload-software!!!). So back to our regularly scheduled programming! ;)]

That's right, folks. Just when you thought it was safe to leave the house with your knitting ...

The sneak attack occurs. In this case, coming from my friend Buck's cat, Cosmo.

Yep, Cosmo. A kitty I assumed knew the knitting rules. But, as you can clearly see from the picture below, apparently does not!

Seriously, one minute I'm knitting along with the kitty purring contently in my lap. And the next ...WHAM!.... yarn chewed through.

I was less than amused. Especially being that I'm a remedial knitter who can't do anything but the basics. So when you throw me for a loop with something like broken yarn ... not quite sure how to continue with the knitting. (in this case I did some twisting and praying and I hope to give the sock away before it starts to unravel*)

And how hard is it to learn the knitting rules?? For Cosmo (and her guardian!), here's a little refresher:

Rule 1: Do not touch the knitting
Rule 2: Do not touch the knitting
Rule 3: Do not touch the knitting
Rule 4: Do not touch the knitting
Rule 5: Do not touch the knitting

See? Only 5 rules. Easy-peasy. And yet, me? ... with broken yarn.

Here's the culprit as she gloated:

And this incident again caused the baffling at the workings of the magic stripe yarn. Because, if part of a stripe goes missing due to missing yarn, then you would think that all the rest of the stripes that follow would be affected, right?

And, hence, the rest of the sock would no longer perfectly stripe, right?

Even though you don't even remotely comprehend how it perfectly striped in the first place, right?


And yet .... voila ... it continues to stripe correctly.

For the love of logic, how does that work, people??!!!!

That's just not magic ... that there is some kinda dark magic. (*shudder*)

*errr, to the recipient of this sock, please disregard this post. The sock is perfect, I tell ya! PERFECT!


T1 said...

I love Cosmo. She was probably just hungry. 80 pound cats need lots of food. Or maybe she was just smelling the yarn and got carried away...that happens you know.

Kat said...

"80 pound cats" ...hehehe.

Yeah, Cosmo's just lucky I have this blog. Instead of getting upset, I thought "okay, blog material!" and grabbed my camera.

(which officially makes The Blogging as much a sickness as The Knitting!) :)

Sis said...

That better not be MY sock!!!

Kat said...

Hey Sis ... you weren't actually thinking any of the socks were gonna be perfect, did ya?! Cuz uhhhh, next time you put in a request for knitted socks ... you might want to be a little more specific! :)

goodgirl036 said... are out of luck. We all read this blog and have seen the sock. lol