Friday, November 11, 2005

I'm beginning to realize why I'm dateless

Yep. It was nice to blame the knitting. Men get a little weird about The Knitting.

But now I'm thinking it's more The Crazy Cat Lady syndrome. Ya know ... like the fact that I'll buy jeans simply because they have my cat's name on them. See?

Uh yeah. It just might be time for that intervention, folks. Just sayin'! ;)


MeLissa said...


Very very cool that you can find clothes with your kitty's name on it. I've never looked for pixie or banshee wear....I'll have to start!

Did you see the video clip on Yahoo! news (it linked to ABC, I think) about how some psychologist is trying to prove that cats can cause schizophrenia yesterday? Perhaps what you say is true!

I think the "doctor" (erhem, don't get me started on *most* psychologists...I've met some great ones who've been helpful, but some of the most traumatizing experiences I've had in my life were at the hands of psychologists - typically outside of their offices) said that people who had cats as children were 51% more likely to become schizophrenic than those who did not. (I'm doomed!) It is all due to that toxoplasmosis bacteria (or whatever the heck it's called) that gives pregnant women an excuse to make someone else clean the litter box. Of course, I've also heard that this same "bug" can cause you to be more affectionate...

One other important point, though, Mr. Big Shot "Cats make you crazy!" science man (or one of his crazy counterparts) also discovered that being breast-fed makes you more likely to become schizophrenic...again at about a 51% level so I don't think I'll put stock into this was amusing, though!!

And, yeah, it's the same MeLissa...just using my "other" (non-hubby included) blogger account today...I'm in the mood for some reason. :)

T1 said...

Well...seeing as how a date would never know you were wearing jeans named for your cat until said date became a little more than a date...I think you're fine.

But then again I realize who I'm talking to...and you would probably bring it up in casual conversation. As in, "hey, check this out...this is kind of cool..."

Kat said...

Oh please ... what do you think, I can't filter before I speak?? Please! I know not to tell a man I bought jeans named after my cat. That's a no-brainer. Just like not cussing or mentioning the phrase "doggie-porn" in front of small children.

(oh wait :))

Kat said...


What's wrong with a little schizophrenia amongst friends?? Mine keeps me from being lonely! ;)

Thanks for the comment!

MeLissa said...

Ah, there's nothing wrong with a little schizophrenia! In fact, it makes life a whole lot more interesting! :)

As for my comments, I have a difficult time keeping them to myself when the mood strikes me. Your blog, however, is the only one that I have graced with more than one of my zany thoughts. I guess it's cuz it's so amusing that I just have to join in!

T1 said...

Really I think your catch phrase should be "Oh hey, check this out. How cool is this?"

I don't know what mine is. Although New Boss (NB) insists its, "Dude, that is SO wrong." Either it's a reflection of me or a reflection of how much is wrong with my workplace. I vote for the latter.

Thanks for the gratuitous posting of my fuzzy feet. I'm such a blog leach. When I do my own blog, I promise I'll post pictures of your knitted projects too.