Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Let's talk turkey! ....

So, Thanksgiving ... tomorrow! Whoo hooo! I love Thanksgiving. Probably my favorite holiday. Which is only because I always have so much to be thankful for (true) and has absolutely nothing to do with the guiltless gorging on tons and tons of my favorite comfort foods (not true).

Nope, it's about the thankful. And errr, the pilgrims. And uh ... yeah ... not the hot dinner rolls slathered in butter. Nor T1's wonderful carmel apple salad (which involves snickers bars ... mmmmm). Nor piles of stuffing! And let's not forget the turkey and cranberry sauce!!! Oh, and hello! ... PIES!!!!!!

This year I'm gathering with friends up in a cabin in the mountains. Yep, 8 friends, two dogs, one oversized hyper puppy ... and as if that wasn't enough of a circus, I'm bringing ...... (*insert drum roll here*) ...CJ! HAHA! Yeah. She needs that dang pill everyday and I hatehatehate having to board her. So she's travelled well in the past (albeit WAYYY in the past) and I think she'll do okay after a day or so. (errr, guys, did I mention she does this plaintive wailing thing the first night she's somewhere strange? No. Oh, never mind.)

But really, thankfully she's an intelligent cat and doesn't scare very easy. So she'll wander around meowing for a bit and want to check out every nook and cranny of this cabin but should then settle in pretty well (errr, minus the second round of meowing and wandering she'll do again that first night. (shhhh, don't tell the gang! ;)). And I know she'll be okay with Penny and Friday because I've housesat them with CJ and Emma before. The only real unknown is Stella ... the puppy. CJ should be fine with her but the question will be "is Stella okay with CJ?". Given the choice, CJ will simply ignore her. Ya know, because Stella is merely a pet and CJ believes she is above mere pets! The problem is ... she may not have that choice. So we'll see. Wish us luck.

Anyway, it's going to be great! There will be much lounging in pajamas, and eating, and yapping, and relaxing, some board games, movie watching, wine, and, of course, knitting! Oh, and did I mention the eating?? May also squeeze in some skiing and hottubbing! Though both those involve changing outta the pajamas so may not happen in my case. We'll see!

But this four day jaunt also means I'll be off blogging for the weekend! So I'd like to wish you all a very, very happy Thanksgiving now while I can and stay tuned for a couple of more posts today of things I've stumbled across recently that I'll share with you before I go!

And while I'm gone I will take many pictures so when I get back I can let you know how the cat/dogs/puppy/8 people/1.5 bathroom weekend turned out!!! There are bound to be stories!! :)

Happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone!


MeLissa said...

T1 - I simply must see this caramel apple salad recipe. It sounds heavenly. :)

And, Kat and everyone else who adores Thanksgiving should go have a looksie at my blog entry today. Click on the post title for a hilarious Turkey Day "performance."

Enjoy your holiday! I'll look forward to the stories upon your return!


laurie said...

Kat, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And I had to tell you my heart broke a little when you mentioned you have neither Ikea nor In-n-Out, and you gave me two things to add to my list of stuff I am thankful for ;)

Come visit and I will take you to both.

Also, the fact that you do the pill thing every day makes me heart you more, because I am only a few days into the Roy Medicating and already want to cry. Bleh. If only they made antibiotics in bacon flavor.

Have a GREAT weekend!!!