Monday, November 14, 2005

Overachievers Anonymous

So T1 finished her fuzzy feet over the weekend. And as usual, went above and beyond in the Creative Department. (it's okay to hate her a little bit too!) ;)

Here are ... The Fuzzy Feet:

And check out the bottom. A little puffy paint for non-skid purposes...

VERY cute!

And in My Knitting News .... it's official ... I have FINISHED the complete first pair of Gift Socks (GS#1 and GS#2)! Whoo hooooo! So for those keeping score, I have finished GS#1, GS#2, GS#3 and GS#5. I am now starting GS#6 and then will go back and do GS#4 (because I'm weird like that!! :)). But one whole pair ... done! By me! Blocking as we type/read! Yippee skippee!!!!

So now what are the chances I can squeeze in two other knitting (though non-sock) gift projects before Christmas?? Anyone? Anyone? Yeah, not sure if I'm ready to commit to that either. Let's see how far I get on the socks first! I might be pushin' my luck just to get those done! :)

Though it is good to dream... :)


T1 said...

Woo hoo!! My first Fuzzy Feet!! Now on to the next pair. You think I can finish them by the recipients birthday? (Which is Friday for those IIF's.)

How can I funkify grey slippers??

Anyone?? Bueller??

Libby said...

Add some sequins. Sequins always jazz up a lovely grey :) I sewed some random buttons on a pair for my mom...she dug them.

Just my $0.02....

MeLissa said...

Hot Pink baby!!! Hot pink and grey would be rockin' don't cha think?

Or...maybe you could put a little pink nose and some little ears and whiskers and make it into a cute mouse or cat or something. That would be *so* cool. :) I'd wear 'em everywhere!

If you did the mouse thing you could even attach a copy of this poem:

I think mice are rather nice;
Their tails are long, their faces small;
They haven't any chins at all.
Their ears are pink, their teeth are white;
They run about the house at night;
They nibble things they shouldn't touch,
and, no one seems to like them much,
but I think mice are rather nice.
Author - Rose Fyleman

And, just an aside of the amusing sort, I was supposed to recite this poem in 1st grade with a partner. He ended up reciting it while I worked well, I think. ;)

Good luck with the slipper funkifying - can't wait to see what you come up with.

T1 said...

Lol. I love your ideas Melissa and Libby. If only you knew my sister-in-law. She actually asked if I could put black flowers on them. Black. Mmm...yeah...I don't think so.

I should terrorize her with making them into sequined mice.

(She is actually the one holding my fuzzy slippers in the pic where you see the bottoms...and all you see is her curly hair.)

In January I hope we can show everyone the recipient of these slippers...she is one of our pregnant friends and vows to wear them to the hospital for the birth. I even made matching booties for the little tyke.

Hey...Kat...where are the pics of the booties??

Kat said...

pics of the booties?? Uhhh, well ... I remember thinking I wanted to take pictures of those, ya know, while I was taking pics of the Fuzzy Feet. But then I saw something shiny and well .... there are no pics of the booties. :(

BUT ... I can post them in January ... ya know, when actually modelled by the new baby! ;)

T1 said...

Damn the shiny stuff...would that shiny stuff also maybe have been cake??

Note to self: stop being a blog leach and also maybe buy your own damn digital camera.