Monday, November 14, 2005

Happy Birthday, Sisses (or whatever the plural of "Sis" would be! ;))

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy BIRTH-DAYYY dear A and JJJJJJ,
Happy Birthday to you!

And many morrrreeeeeee!

As a birthday gift this year, I am not posting your age (you're welcome!).

NOR am I posting any recent pictures* (you are very welcome!).

So instead, I give you this photo memory. Ya'll waiting outside the bathroom door for mom as wee tots.

(Ahhh, ain't they cute, folks??! :))

It is a pleasure having you as sisters (especially now that I'm too big for you guys to hoist high up into a tree and leave me there for mom to find, thereby losing my allowance for being in the tree (I'm tellin' ya, Mom ... it wasn't my fault! :))).

As always, I will have some cake in honor of your birthday! (I know, I know ... twist my arm, would ya??! :) And I hope you both have a fantabulous day!!!

*especially any of those Vegas ones which mom keeps terrorizing us with! (how do we make her burn those?? :))


Sis said...

Well, thank you. I feel so famous now. And to think that we made it through childhood with only a couple of traumatic incidents.

STILL with the tree. I just want you to know that:

a) you deserved it (don't remember why now)
b) this was our ONLY way of getting back at you the youngest and non-twin of the family (well, that and the ferris wheel incident)
c) it's not like you got hurt or anything
d) this had to have been over xxx years ago (YOU know how long ago it was; let's just say it is time to move on!)

If that and the ferris wheel incident were your only childhood traumas inflicted by me, I'm happy. I done good.

Oh, and I almost forgot the getting lost in the woods incident. But that one was not my fault and we did make it out.

Now should we talk the baton twirling incident? Do you remember that or do you have a "selective" memory?

Oh, and one last thing.

I couldn't have picked a better sister. Thanks for being mine.

Kat said...

aw shucks ... (*sniffle, sniffle*)


T1 said...

OOOH! Do I get to say Happy Birthday too? Even though I haven't met y'all yet??

Happy Birthday!!

When can we get together? Because I'm thinking there are some good stories that we should share. Cuz I'm thinking if I ask about the baton twirling incident I might just get a blank stare...

goodgirl036 said...

lol..thanks for the birthday wishes..btw...sis2 here....and the calendar...had to downplay in front of J and J, but yummy! and a nice holiday/birthday tradition. Oh green day rocks too! Hope you had cake. Had a fabulous day and have absolutely no recollection of said tree or ferris wheel incident. I do remember "now we are all giblets" remember that one???