Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Is today Friday??

Because it really feels like a Friday. Especially with all these crazies in the news today! (like with full moons, Fridays seem to bring the loon barreling outta the loonies, if'n you know what I mean)

Check these out:

You GO, Granny!

It seems that a 37 year old woman (aka The Crazy #1) was having "relations" (*wink, wink*) with a 15 year old boy and became pregnant so she up and married him in an attempt to avoid prosecution. Granny is VERY upset (uh yeah, who wouldn't be?) and gave the following quotes which I just lovelovelove:

Quote #1: Granny wants the marriage annulled, saying the couple would stay married "when I am laid out and candle lit."

And then when Clark (the pregnant 37 year old woman) tried to talk to her, Granny wanted nothing to do with her, saying:

Quote #2: "She (Clark) said she just wanted us all to be family. I said I already have a family, I don't need one with a pedophile in it."

hehehe. What a pistol! Ya gotta love her! (Granny... not the pedophile!)

Hello? Sanity? Why have you deserted me???

So this woman (aka The Crazy #2) wants to marry this man (aka Psycho #1) who shot her in the groin and then kept her hostage in his family's garage for 6 days while he and his parents (aka Ma and Pa Psycho) tried to treat her with home remedies (hello? GUNSHOT WOUND TO THE GROIN) in the hope of keeping Psycho Jr from getting in trouble with the po-po. Uh yeah.

And her thoughts on this event:

"I love Christian today as deeply as I loved him before this awful thing happened to us," Stebbins wrote in a victim impact statement. "We are soul mates."

"And I pray that Christian has forgiven me for failing him when he needed me most."

I'm sorry, did you say "happened to us"?? And that YOU failed HIM?? Uh hello, Crazy, it happened to YOU. HE shot YOU. Then kept you hostage and tried treating your critical gunshot wound with Bactine and Bandaids and yet YOU failed HIM?? (*head shake*) I just don't get it. Maybe sanity will return sometime over the next 20 years that he'll be spending in prison.

Speaking of prison sentences:

This is just SO wrong to me...

The guy above gets 20 years for shooting someone then holding them hostage for 6 days and yet this person gets THIRTY YEARS for making some teenage boy's wet dreams come true. I don't get it.

I mean, I am certainly NOT condoning her actions. Giving drugs, alcohol and having sex with these teenage boys was wrongwrongwrong. However, 30 years in a federal prison for it is CRAZY! They weren't forced. You KNOW these boys were high-fiving each other and bragging to their friends about how lucky they were. And at 16, y'all, I've BEEN 16 ... I knew right from wrong and up from down and could make my own decisions at 16.

What that chick needs is some serious, SERIOUS counseling (can you say "NO self-esteem") and maybe even some jail time .... but 30 years? While violent rapists walk the street in 6 and attempted murder (see above) only gets you 20. WHAT THE HELL????? I'm not sure which is crazier in this story, the "cool" mom or the justice system.

[okay, I'll step off my soap box now! ;)]

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