Thursday, February 02, 2006

Boring Date #552

So I had a first date last night with another Internet Guy.

Because he lives in west BFE and I live in east BFE, we agreed to meet for dinner somewhere in the middle. Yes, I know ... I hear y'all screaming ... "DINNER?? Why the hell are you committing to a FULL ON dinner after all the other bad experiences you've had?? Have you NOT learned???".

Trust me ... I know. I feel my pain.

BUT ... the man seemed nice in email ... and he could spell... and email coherently ... AND email of substance. Those are things a girl doesn't find all that often. Trust me on this ... I speak from MUCH email-exchange experience.

So though I had at first agreed to just a coffee meet ... I didn't argue when he threw out the dinner suggestion. Perhaps mainly because he suggested a very nice restaurant that I've been wanting to try.

But also because with both of us traveling to meet up .... just a coffee seemed kinda silly.

Ah hindsight.

No, no .. I jest. Actually it wasn't so bad. ;)

We met and he WAS nice. And coherent. BUT ..... (there is always a "but", isn't there??) ... there was definitely NO spark.

And do you know how I know I felt no spark?? ..............Because I could eat! When I'm nervous on a first date ... I have ZERO appetite. The first meal date with Mr X ... I managed to choke down less than half a slice of pizza (HEY .. we were only teenagers ... so going out to pizza was Da Bomb!)

But last night ... I CHOWED DOWN!!

He suggested appetizers ... I said SURE!

A drink first? ... ABSOLUTELY!

Salads before the entrees?? .... Bring.It.ON!!

How about desserts? ... How many can I have???

Yep ... ate like the little piggy that hadn't been to market in months! Mmm mmm mmm. Good stuff. Even ordered an entree with onions ..... didn't even care about the possible onion breath.

But, in my piglet defense, I figured that while I was at that restaurant ... I was going to experience it right!

And so we did.

I'm sure our bill came to over $90.

And though I ordered my meal and drink with paying my half in mind ... I was very delighted to see him grab up the bill. Doesn't happen often for me, folks, that a man will pay. Just doesn't. Don't know why. Perhaps I just don't have the boobs for it or something. But that the last two men I've been out with have insisted on paying .... has left me more shocked than a nun in a dominatrix's chamber, don't think it hasn't! (Though, I'm thinkin', probably a bit more pleasantly so! ;))

So there ya have it. Boring Date #552. Pretty dang good food though! ;)


Sis said...

well, that sounds like a good date to me. just think, you didn't have to run screaming from the room, and you got to eat and eat and eat some more. ok, so that i can live vicariously, I want to know what you ate. And dessert? Was there chocolate involved? And I am assuming you didn't clue date #552 into your blog, right?

Tai said... spark.

Glad dinner was good!

Kat said...

Nah, sis .. I don't tell the men about the blog. Where would the fun in that be?? :)

Let's see ... we ate: Drunken Spicy Shrimp to start. Then your typical Green Salad. Then I had ... well, I ORDERED the Walla Walla Onion Ravioli (carmelized onion with two cheeses) but I RECEIVED the Butternut Squash Ravioli (who knew? But the waitress figured out she made the mistake at the end and insisted on boxing up an order of the other for me. Weird. But hey ... okay! ;)). He had the Scallop Pasta dish special. Then for dessert I had the Candybar Cheesecake (oh yeah) and he had a creme brulee. Mine was washed down with a Lemon Drop (mmmm). His with a Bloody Mary (bleck!) :)

How's that for a food recap?? :)

T1 said...

Ah...see? The interest is actually in what you ate. Forget the guy.!

Although, I had you pegged for the fondue or artichoke dip for sure. Cheesy goodness!

And how awesome is that? The waitress boxing you up and extra dinner??

Kat said...

T1 - if it was just me I would have gone with the artichoke dip. Definitely. That sounded REALLY good. But he wanted one of the shrimps. So that was fine. It wasn't like he was selecting something that sounded horrible. And I loved the name... Drunken Spicy Shrimp!!?! Too cute. :)

Mark and MeLissa said...

Glad that despite the fact that there was no spark that you had a nice time. Can't beat 2 tasty dinners for the price of none, can you? :)

Let's hope this is the beginning of a "winning" streak for you.

T1 said...

There's some other restaurant that has something like Drunken Spicy Shrimp...hmm...I think it's a Thai place. Drunken Prince? Hot Spicy Prince? Something Prince...

What's that stuff your supposed to take to help memory retention?

Kat said...

T1- you're not SERIOUSLY asking ME about memory ... are ya?

goodgirl036 said...