Thursday, February 09, 2006

I am Amazon ... here me roar!!

T1 and I went to the Daniel Powter concert Monday night. Do y'all know who he is?? His album isn't out yet but the radio stations play the song "Bad Day" quite a bit. Here's my favorite pic of him:

Mmm mmm mmmm

(He's got a little Viggo Mortensen going on there, dontcha think?)

Anyway, he played at a tiny venue. Just him and a piano or keyboard. The audience was free to ask questions of him and such. It was really pretty cool. Always so much fun to get to see musicians up close and personal. Ya know, before they're all hugely famous and the closest you can get is nosebleed seats at the Rose Garden.

Here are a couple of the photos I took while he played:

He's a cutie. Though I wouldn't mind if he rethought that style hat. Just sayin'.

And being the celebrity whore that I am, I also took a picture with him after the show. In it, I look like an absolute amazon. You can't tell I'm sitting on his lap* and it looks like he only comes up to my boobie. Through the magic of Paintshop, I've recreated the event for your viewing pleasure. Here I am sitting on his lap:

Now, in the actual photo, you can't see my legs so it looks as if we are standing!! So here's the recreation of how the photo came out:

Yeah. Sad really. Won't be showing that photo around. Even for the sake of the green scarf I knitted! ;) But I'll probably buy the album when it comes out in March or April. It's the least I can do after squashing him.

*HEY! In my defense, he sat back and said "come here ... don't be shy". Otherwise I wouldn't have sat on his lap. I said I was a "celebrity whore" ... not a "celebrity 'ho"! (yes, there is TO a difference!!! ;))


d said...

Even having seen the photo in question, your illustrations made everything a lot more clear.

Your blog is definitely a place that supports LEARNING!

Thanks, Teach!


Sis said...

oh, I just love that self-portrait. it is so YOU in a good way.

and sitting on strange musicians laps. you go girl.