Friday, February 03, 2006

House Selling Photo Tips...

So now that I may be in the market to buy another house, I've been cruising some realtor websites to see what's available on the market. Y'all would be surprised by how lacking some of these house photos are.

Case in point:

Does this photo not make this house look like it was built for midgets?? It does, right? I'd be scared I'd stand up and bump my head on the ceiling!

If you're only going to include one outside shot of the house in your listing ... perhaps you could make it a decent one?? Just a suggestion. Cuz these ... fairly worthless. Unless the window, trucks and bush is actually what's for sale. Just sayin'.

Speaking of "what are you selling?" ... here's a great dinette set. I hear that if you buy it they throw in a house. I can't tell you what the house looks like ... but the couple of square feet of carpet underneath the dinette set looks nice.

As does the little bit of hardwood I can see underneath this hallway runner.

Okay, got your night-vision goggles ready?? I think this is a bedroom

Speaking of blind, who used the "pin the wedding photo on the wall" game to hang this picture?? Because really ... WTF?!

Dear realtor: If this is the one photo that best showcases this house, then the house simply needs to be razed. Just sayin'.

Would anyone like to purchase a corner?? I've currently got three for sale....

Is this a picture of a backyard or is it a another blurry picture of a Bigfoot sighting??

I can't focus on the bedroom because I'm too perplexed with how the hell this picture was taken at that angle. Seriously. Anyone?

Okay, this one just simply makes me sick to my stomach.

Speaking of sick to my stomach ... holy hell, people ... if your goal was to cover every square inch of your kitchen in "busy" ... congratulations! Egads! Y'all need to clear that shit out ... THEN take the picture.

Ahhhhh, now THIS one, on the other hand, is an excellent shot! I'll take the place. Where do I (and the sugar daddy I need to afford it) sign up?


Anonymous said...

I'm with you! I have been seriously house hunting for several months now and WTF are these people thinking! I mean if you can't show me at least some DECENT pictures of the place you are selling then I am not wasting my time!
The housing market is out of control up here in Portland! A lot of money for a little house. But I hear it's the right time to be selling, so you are smart to get your house up on the market right now.

Also, keep your hysterical postings of your dates from "hell" coming! You have a really funny blog!! : )

Hopefully, you will find a WINNER of a man this weekend! He's out there! Sometimes, craigslist does score! I found my man on it! You just have to weed thorugh all the sex-crazed "idiots" on it first! LOL : )

Anonymous said...

You going to have that house warming party before you sell your current place?