Friday, February 24, 2006

You ALSO know you're a knitter when....

So my alarm clock wakes me this morning, disrupting my hot and sexy dream about ..... (wait for it ... wait for it) ......

....... the mattress stitch!! That's right ... you heard me.

Now before y'all non-knitters out there get all excited with your "the mattress stitch?? We've never heard of that sexual position before ... tell us MORE!" ....let me save you some time from running off to look it up in your kama sutra books, and tell you this: the mattress stitch is a way to join two pieces of knitting ... a la "seaming".

Yep. That's right ... I was dreaming about seaming my knitting project using the mattress stitch. Stitch by excruciating stitch.

Could my life GET any more exciting?!!

Oh, I think not.



But on the bright side (if there can be one to having knitting dreams over say, dreams about Matthew McConaughey*)... I finally have the picture of my Bunny With Scarf to show you!

Doesn't that scarf just add that extra little "umph" to the cuteness factor of it? I think so! LOVE me da bunny!

*now dreams of shirtless Matthew McConaughey knitting the mattress stitch would be just fine and dandy, don't get me wrong. ;)


T1 said...

Now you know you've been knitting too much when you dream about it. Yeah...that's right I said "knitting too much".

Especially when it's instead of Matthew...shirtless.

Lorenda said...

Bunny is adorable! Mucho cuteness!

d said...

That bunny scarf rawks! That bunny rawks. And you know what? You rawk!

Everyone dreams about the mattress stitch from time to time. It's the human condition. LOL

But anyway, seriously, it's just cause you were knitting so much. Now that olympics and your project(s) DEADLINE is past, you'll probably revert to dreams about MM...shirtless. Not my bag, but ok. =)