Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday's Random Roundup

Hey folks ...happy Friday!!!! Here are a couple of things I've wanted to throw out to y'all but have been too busy to post :
  • First off ... happy belated birthday to my mama! I love you! Hope you had a great day!
  • It's spring!!! It's spring!!!! (well, maybe not officially ... but look ... the bulbs are coming up in my yard! Whoo hoooooooo!!!!!)

  • I am bummed about the breakup of Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora. I thought they were an awesome couple and loved how they met. But alas, she filed for divorce. AND told the media before she told Richie (which is just so wrong it isn't even funny). Anyway, here's hoping that charge of infidelity doesn't pan out. And maybe they can get back together? Though I guess having Richie on the singles market wouldn't be ALL bad! (hey! ... a girl can dream!!) ;)
  • Speaking of bummed ... Date #3 didn't go oh so well with Harley Guy. Not sure what the hell happened. First two date ... fun and (relatively) easy. Date #3 .... not so much. Sigh. Next?
  • But ...get ready to love me! Are you ready?? Are you ready?!? Check this site out. Put in your zip code and it will tell you where to find the cheapest gasoline nearest to your location. How awesome is that???
  • And speaking of awesome... this new website shows you the value of your home. And the sale history. And the history of those in your neighborhood! Pretty dang fancy (and handy) if'n you ask me!
  • Look!!! A rare shot of Emma not looking like she wants to kill someone. Awwwww.

  • My pink purl scarf is done! Whoo hoo! I love it. Here are a couple of craptastic pics of it. (it looks better in person ... I was having an off-photography day when I took these. Also, I refused to take the scarf off to take the pictures. Which kinda makes it difficult when you want to avoid actually being in the photo yourself. Thank goodness it's long!).

  • And last but not least, T1 sent me this comic the other day. Thought the knitters would appreciate it! (click to enlarge for readability!)

Okay, Knitting Olympics start tonight! I'm getting ready. My mantra will be ... "I am tougher than a stuffed bunny. I am tougher than a stuff bunny!". But feel free to wish me luck anyway!!

Because something tells me I'll need it!!! :)


Libby said...

You are tougher than a stuffed bunny. Totally.

If I make a roller derby team, will you come up and watch a bout? :D

Mark and MeLissa said...

Go Team Kat! Get the Gold! :)
You're not gonna let a cutesy wootsy fuzzy bunny get you are you? Are you?! NO! You're the best around - nothin's gonna ever keep you down!!!

(This last bit would be much better if you could hear me sing it - go listen to the finale song in "The Karate Kid." One of the radio stations here plays it all the time whenever somebody says the word "best" - it's pretty funny!)

I know you'll be super and I look forward to seeing the cutesy wootsy bunny soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey there...thanks for the great links. Here's one for you! I've been reading this blog for weeks now and just LOVE it! Check it out: