Wednesday, February 22, 2006

You know you're a knitter when.....

So I walk into work yesterday and I find a piece yarn sitting on my office chair. Yep, a piece of the fuzzy pink yarn I was using to knit the bunny a scarf the night before.

Y'all know what that means, don't you? That means that I left my house the day before yesterday wearing a 3 inch long piece of fuzzy pink yarn on my ass. That's right ... pink yarn ... my ass.

And no ... I WASN'T wearing a pink skirt or pink pants .... anything into, one could hope, the pink yarn could blend. I was wearing dark blue jeans and a long black jacket. Both of which would highlight the pink just beautifully, thankyouverymuch.

That also means, for the record, that at some point I was walking around the office with said fuzzy pink yarn clinging to my butt. The question being .... for how long?

My guess would be .... all day.

You know why I think that? Because as soon as I walked into my office yesterday morning I IMMEDIATELY saw the piece of yarn lying in the middle of the chair. I mean, come onnnnnn, it's a big chunk of pink in the middle of a solid piece of black. How difficult is that to spot?

Exactly ... not so much.

And so had it been there during the previous day ... I would surely have seen it.

(No, really.)

Which also means ... it was visible to all ... on my butt ... all day.

And so if ever I question why I'm single, simply do me the favor and send me the link to this post, would ya?!

Because if traipsing through life wearing clothes dusted with cat hair wasn't a big enough deterrent to all the single men out there .... try adding in The Yarn. "Crazy Cat Lady" and "Knitter" advertised to all before I even say two words?? Yeah, it just doesn't get much sexier than that, now does it? :)


Mark and MeLissa said...

Sorry Kat! I wish I worked with you cuz I would have discretely and kindly mentioned to you that your posterior was quite colorful....not that I go around looking at woman's behinds, but you know, it probably would have been hard to miss.

Which makes me think you should purposefully glare at every single person you saw yesterday! How awful that they wouldn't tell you... But, then, maybe the fact that no one told you is because no one saw it! :) We'll hope for that!

Oh, and besides, you were featured in that article about knitting so the yarn was out of the bag so-to-speak and maybe the damage was already done. ;)

T1 said...

What's up with your office mate? Not that he should be perusing your butt...still.

Rick said...

Yarn on Kat's butt? How did I miss that? I think I need a vacation in the tropics so I can get my bootie visualization abilities back.

Anonymous said...

I saw it but didn't want to say anything! LOL