Tuesday, February 14, 2006

F'in camera batteries!!!!!

First, let's get this party started right. Ladies and Gentleman .... I give you .... Aerosmith!!!

Why yes, thank you ... that IS a great pic. Don't worry ... we'll revisit that picture later on in the post, so scroll along with me, would ya?!

Okay, before we can get to the concert details, some light housekeeping to be taken care of:

First off, as you can see by this concert ticket, cameras were not allowed.

So please know that all the photos in this post were taken by a camera I purchased there. Or. Maybe they are simply images from my mind that I've magically transferred (via gnomes?) to this here blog. All I know is ... that they are definitely NOT taken by a camera I snuck in there. Nosireebob. No rule breaking going on here!! Just sayin'. ;)

Secondly, y'all need to know that I was at a Joe Perry concert last night. Sure, sure ... there happened to be other famous musicians on stage in their crazy attempts to distract me from the Joey-goodness .... but they failed. This is all about The Joe. Any other folks pictured here are simply to appease the masses. I'm okay with the women that don't understand that Joe Perry is one of the sexiest men alive. Less competition, I say.

And finally on the housekeeping tasklist, I'll share with you some pictures of Lenny Kravitz. He opened for Joe (that's right ... he opened for JOE) last night and he did a really, really great job. The only problem I had with his show was that Joe wasn't on stage.

Nonetheless, I took some pictures. Please view them, love them, and fully appreciate them. You'll see why I request that of you later on in the post.

Some better shots, in my humble opinion. It could be because the lighting is better ... or perhaps because Lenny stripped down to a snug fitting tank top. I'll let you decide........

Lenny's guitar player. I don't know his name. But because I DO know his name isn't "Joe Perry" .....we're moving on......

Buh-bye, Lenny. Buh-bye, Lenny's band. Thanks for a great performance!

Okay, now on to the point of this post. Joe!

Here's Joe Perry and SGWINJ1. ("SGWINJ1", you ask? Yes, "Some Guy Who Is Not Joe #1". I think he's more commonly referred to as "Steven Tyler". But not in this here blog post! ;))

So my friends (T2 and E) and I had GREAT seats for this show. Aerosmith's stage setup was such that sometimes we were a bit off to the side as you can tell by the pics seen immediately above.

But the band also had walkways out into the crowd. Which put the band members out in front of us at times as well. Like so:

And like so...

What's that I hear? You're asking why I included THAT shot. You don't think it's a good one, eh? Hmmm. Oh, you poor little things. Let me enlighten you, my little grasshoppers. It's all about your focus.....

See? There IS method to my madness! ;)

Okay, but the BEST part about their stage setup was that the stage had "wings" which extended right to where we were sitting! And so .... at times, we were very up close and personal. See?

H-O-T D-A-M-N!...... is all I'm sayin'!

Speaking of "hot damn" ... check out these photos! (*insert lascivous wolf whistle here* (in fact, insert several, he deserves it!))

And ... back to our original photo...

Which I'm thinkin' looks a little better when cropped like this:

(Dear lord ...is that man a sexpot or what?!)

But WAIT ... I still think we can do better.


AH .... I know.......

Lordy, lordy, lordy, lordy. How do I get me some of that!?!

Seriously. Anybody? Because .. In. A. Heart.Beat. Just sayin'.

(For Joe, I'm willing to go from "celebrity whore" to "celebrity ho". (That's right ... I have no shame when it comes to this man. What of it?!))


And so, dear friends, I leave you with this final picture. Taken during the last song of the encore. (Ladies, feel free to stare and drool as I recount the final minute of the concert for you.)

So the final minute of the concert goes kinda like this:

T+60 seconds: Battery warning is flashing on camera. I lean over to T2 to show her (her camera battery had died early on in the concert (we took a LOT of pictures)). We both get a bit nervous ... but it's the final song and all. We'll be fine.


T+50 seconds: I take a picture. THE picture above.

T+45 seconds: Camera dies.

T+44 seconds: I stare in horror at my darkened camera.

T+42 seconds: I desperately try to restart the camera. (fyi: shaking it does not work!)

T+40 seconds: I lean over and show T2 dead camera. We both make HUGE boo-boo lips but think all will be okay. After all, this is the very, very end of the concert, right?!. What could POSSIBLY occur that we haven't a picture of already?!

T+31 seconds: I turn to look back at Joe, who is now playing on the walkway in front of me, as I slip the now-dead camera into my jacket pocket.

T+30 seconds: JOE RIPS OFF HIS SHIRT. And plays the final 30 seconds of concert without said shirt. That's right .... Right in front of me! Ya know .... in (what would have been) the perfect photo op place!

T+29 seconds: T2 and I wail in unison at the injustice of it all!

T: Concert ends. With Joe ... still shirtless. And me ... with no working camera.
So please do me the favor of enjoying the Lenny Kravitz pictures. Most specifically the ones of his guitar player. Because they cost me Shirtless Pictures of Joe Perry. Which makes them very, very, very valuable indeed! ;)


Libby said...

I love Lenny Kravitz.

And I must go exchange my office chair for a clean one after the Joe Perry pictures, but after I change my shirt because it is drool-soaked.

Thank you. You have made my Tuesday.

T2 said...

Libby - you are AWESOME!

Joe Perry is the hottest man to wield a guitar in my humble opinion and he just oozed the pheromones during the show. Kat and I were drooling without shame or control :)

Thanks Kat and E for the fab time and the wonderful photo posts. Love Lenny as well but less now that he cost us shirtless Joe....the memory is quite sweet, however....

Sharon said...

Found your blog via your comments to a friend's site.

Also went to the Portland show and took son. I can't wait to show him your photos. Good job.

I agree with you....Joe Perry IS the sexist man alive. Had my eye on him for years and he only gets better with age. Your pictures say it all...and I feel your pain re: dead batteries.

Have enjoyed visiting your site...very good and look forward to coming back and reading more

Lorenda said...

Uber cool! I saw Aerosmith years ago, thanks for bringing back some awesome memories! The pix of Lenny are sweet as well!


Kat said...

Hey Sharon- thanks for stopping in! Always nice to meet other women that appreciate the Joey-goodness! :)

And Lorenda ...lovelovelove that little sheep knitting pic. That's just dang cute! Nice find!