Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ferraris, Riff-raff, and Me

Sorry about the sporadic posts lately. Life has been busy. No, no ... not with dates ... but with knitting. (What else, right?? :))

But in my defense, we ARE in the midst of the Knitting Olympics afterall. So that's the only reason I'm dateless (ha!)!

So here is some of the latest with regard to my life:

Emma inspecting some flowers I received from Buck (ahhhh. I know ... isn't that sweet?!)

Aren't those gorgeous tulips?! We had some great weather a couple of weeks ago and flowers started budding. Then we had a freeze. I know one of my plants didn't make it. I'm hoping the rest pull through. But MAN am I jonesing for spring to hit so I can get out there in the garden.

Here's a Ferrari I touched* at an annual Ferrari party I went to with a friend on Saturday night. This car supposedly is worth about 1.25 MILLION DOLLARS! That's right. M-I-L-L-I-O-N!

Damn rich people .... spending over a million bucks just on ONE CAR! And me ... in their midst ... hobnobbing with them. It was surreal, to say the least.

They were all great ... and a number of them you wouldn't think had money ... but then you start listening to the stories (or looking at the jewelry dripping off their fingers). About the cars (you should have seen the parking lot!), about the travels which involved driving said cars in different countries, about the 3 year waiting lists for the new ones. Just crazy I tell you. I'm just thrilled that no-one there asked me what I drove! My answering would have been akin to saying "E.F. Hutton says....." (am I totally dating myself with that reference??? Damn youngsters! IT MEANS the room would have gone dead quiet. DEAD QUIET. Oh, and then they probably would have all casually moved as far from me as possible! )

On a related note ... I just watched a video linked on Yahoo! about a Ferrari that was just torn in two today when it crashed out on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California. Yep, supposedly some schmuck was driving almost 200 mph and lost control. Amazingly enough, neither folks in the Ferrari were seriously injured. Though the driver did flee. (can you say, rich kid who took daddy's car out without permission for a joy ride??). Anyway, they're saying the car was worth almost a million. Does insurance cover that if you're driving almost 200 mph??

So the bunny is even cuter today. Yep, I knitted a pink scarf for it last night**. Finishes it perfectly! I'd have a picture to show you but uh yeahhhhhh .... I'll have to get back to you on that. I MEANT to do it ... but forgot. Sigh. Damn old age.

Speaking of "damn old age" ... for the FIRST TIME EVER I've lost my ATM/debit card. Yep, made a deposit at the ATM this weekend and just drove away without grabbing the card. Can you say "needs a keeper!".

And really ... how do people SURVIVE without a debit card. OMG! I've had to use cash! ARGH! That's UNHEARD of. I'm completely lost. And the new card and PIN won't show up til probably early next week (thank you President's Day holiday). I'm not quite sure how I'll survive. Send good thoughts! :)

And thanks to T1's coworker (hi T ... errr ... T3?) ... I have this article to share with you. This is a link to a "marriage contract" which a man wrote up for his wife. Be forewarned, his demands are explicit .... and infuriating. So read at your own risk.

And with that I will bid y'all adieu for the day. Happy Tuesday!

* hey, what do they expect when they let riff-raff like me in??
**yeah, I'm knitting scarves for stuffed animals nowadays. It's time for that intervention. Just sayin'. ;)


Mark and MeLissa said...

OMG - He is icky. *shivers* And, hello? I just don't think the little angel-looking type-set was in character here, but who am I to say? You're right...it is revolting. I can understand a husband having needs and that a wife should do her best to fulfill them (of course, the same goes for the husband just for the record!), but this is just a little much.

Of course, I also have to say - did this lady not know who (or would that be what?!?) she was marrying? Absolutely bizarre...and worthy of Craigslist.

T1 said...

Hey...I distinctly remember trying to survive without a debit card, credit cards, checks, whatever...because some idiot in Maui stole my purse AND my husbands wallet. Yet somehow you Miss K survived the assault on our rental vehicle. Coincidence??

So I say...be glad it's only your debit card and it wasn't some no-good thief who took it.