Thursday, November 30, 2006

Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like some pink fuzzy handcuffs!

So I spotted this sign hanging on a building and couldn't help but laugh. The sign says "Holiday Gift Headquarters".

Which ... for most stores ... like your Target or your Macy's or whathaveya ... is all good.

But this store ... Castle ... the one hanging the sign ... why Castle is a sex toy shop, folks!

That's right ... you heard me.

Now how can a sex toy shop be my "Holiday Gift Headquarters" I ask!?!?? Can you just picture me shopping there with my gift list ...... "okay, I think the leather restraint set for Uncle Tommy. And how about the nipple clamps for Aunt Jenny? Oh, oh, oh ... and definitely the wooden paddle for Grandpa Fred!"

Uhhhhh NO. That just ain't right, folks .... that just ain't right!

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