Thursday, November 09, 2006

Millionaire Mind Update

For those of you who have been asking, NO I did not pay $1295 for the weekend seminar. I was one of the lucky few who got in for free! Whoo hooooo!

I hear that they stopped offering the seminar for free around mid-summer because too many people would sign up and then never show up. (I heard for our conference that 1600 people signed up but only 1000 showed). So they have discontinued that. BUT .... I have a coupon ... or can tell you how to get a coupon... which will get you in for $97. They call it a "good faith" payment. But they also give you a bag full of cds and a certificate for $100 off of either some of their products or a future seminar (I forget which). So technically, you MAKE money just by going.

Which wasn't the case for me. Because I was still wearing my I'm Skeptical Hat on the first day of the conference and wasn't handing over money FOR ANYTHING. Even those nifty bags of goodies they had a few of. Figured the whole thing was a scam and we were just going to be pressured into buying other products and seminars. And though the opportunity was certainly available to do so ... I'd like to happily report that I refrained from purchasing ANYTHING.

Well, other than some hypnotherapy cds.

Yeah, that's right ... you heard me .... hypnotherapy cds. They brought in a hypnotist at one point and she did about a 20 minute group session with us. It was pretty interesting. I've never been more relaxed in all my life. And though I don't know if I was actually ever REALLY hypnotized .... oddly, I felt the NEED to purchase her cds immediately following the session. (heh)

But I recall everything she said during the session so I'm pretty sure (*bark, bark*) that I was never hypnotized. Yep, (*quack, quack*) just bought them because they are (*cluck, cluck, cluck*) very worthwhile.

No, no REALLY (*hops up and down on one foot*)! :)

But in all seriousness, I WILL probably go to another one of these seminars again once I have assimilated some of the things I learned in this first one. And while there, I will sign on to go to OTHER seminars they have.

Because these Peak Potential people do put on some amazing events!

(*ribbet, ribbet*)? :)


Teresa said...

lol that's too funny... hmm we were talking about hypnosis being used to retrieve memories in my forensic psych class... I don't by it but I have heard that it can be used like meditation to help people relax, which I can understand..anywho the seminar sounds like it was very interesting and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

goodgirl036 said...

he he he You better check your checking account too to make sure she didn't hypnotize you into giving her access or worse donating all your worldly possessions. LOL