Friday, November 17, 2006

"Elegant" I ain't!

So y'all didn't think I drove all the way up to Seattle for that Millionaire Mind Conference and not pop into Ikea, now did ya?!

Yeah, I didn't think so. :)

Granted, finding time to get there wasn't easy. We arrived late Thursday night and the conference kept us busy, busy each following day til late at night.

Except for Saturday night.

That day's session ended around 9pm and folks could stick around for an optional mini-session. We pondered staying for all of two seconds, until we realized that we were only about 15 minutes from Ikea and that Ikea HAD to be open later than 9pm on a Saturday night. HAD TO!


"Right", said the concierge.

Ikea was open til 10pm!!

Whoo hooo!

So we skedaddled back to our rooms knowing full well that by the time we got to Ikea we'd have MAYBE 30-40 minutes in the store.

Didn't matter though ... because 30-40 minutes of Ikea shopping is better than no Ikea shopping at all. And you can quote me on that if'n you want! ;)

So, without much time there, I was impressed that I managed to scoop up a curtain rod, hardware, two finials and a two pack of curtains, all for my master bedroom window.

AND .... just so y'all know ... they even FIT! Whoo hooo!

Of course, I knew the curtains would be extra long .... I had seen the measurements on the package ..... but I also knew that I kinda liked that Elegant Pooling Of The Curtains On The Floor look. (do y'all know the look I'm talking about?! Have you seen it in the magazines??)

Yeah, well ..... I guess in theory the Elegant Pooling idea could work. But I've found a few flaws with regard to The Elegant Pooling Of The Curtains On The Floor look at my house.

First, "elegant" is really not a word one would use to describe ANYTHING in my home. I'm not saying my stuff is "crap" ... I'm just saying it's not really "elegant".

Secondly, The Elegant Pooling Of The Curtains On The Floor look really doesn't work well on wall-to-wall carpeting. Hardwood floors, yes. Travertine tile, most definitely. Wall-to-wall carpet .... not so much.

Thirdly, none of the designer magazines shows The Elegant Pooling Of The Curtains On The Floor with the following accouterments:

I'm not really sure why that is since these "accouterments" seemed to have attached themselves to the curtains ever since I installed them. So I'm curious as to why no other Elegant Pooling Of The Curtains On The Floor has them?!

Perhaps Ikea had a special deal?

I do not know.

All I DO know is .... the look is FAR from elegant.

Especially when I come home to The Pooling "mysteriously" looking like this:

Or this:

Geeeee, I wonder where a kitty is??

Could it be, I wonder, because of things like this and this?:

Ah well, so Elegant I ain't. But at least now I can finally unpack my suitcase!


shannon said...

what fun they are having! you are such a good cat mom for getting them a new jungle gym!!!

oh, and i tagged you...sorry. :)

Kat said...

I got tagged?? Where?? (*starts circling while craning neck in an attempt to see nether regions*)