Wednesday, November 15, 2006

They must be joking!

So have I mentioned that I've already started the Wilton Cake Decorating Course II? No. Well, I have. :)

This is a four class course over as many weeks. But unlike Course #1, the first three classes of this one involves no cake.... just icing for practice. (my coworkers are not oh so happy)

We've had two classes so far. And in each class we've learned different types of icings (we need something called Royal Icing for most of the decorations we're learning in this course) and how to make different types of flowers.

Then when all is said and done, we bring a two-tiered oval cake to the fourth class and (supposedly) decorate it to look like THIS!!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA! (*slaps knee in merriment*)

Do y'all see the rope-style borders, the fancy-schmancy basket-weave on the side, and all those flowers (and birds)???? ... yeah ... they're telling me I'm supposedly going to be able to do ALL that!



(*wipes laughter tears*)

What a riot, eh?!!

I'm surprised I actually am posting this "what it is SUPPOSED to look like" picture. Otherwise I could have just posted my finished cake pic and y'all would have been none the wiser.

But ah well. This kinda laughter is something that should be shared.

Two weeks to go to the day til I have MY cake pic ... get your Kleenex ready!


Julie said...

I can't wait to see your finished cake :)

MeLissa said...

Yet again I question the logic behind the progression in these classes. I won't kid you - a lot of what they're teaching you can be "tricky" Heck. I don't even bother with 90% of the flowers on that cake there!

The basket weave you'll much fun, if ridiculously tedious...and the ropey, well, a piece of cake. :)

I look forward to seeing the finished product!

goodgirl036 said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! (to infinity and beyond) Oh boy, if you can do that you are truly talented. I would not even be brave enough to attempt...good luck and may the frosting gods be with you! Did I tell you I can't make two round cakes that match in size so you are waayyyyyyyyyy ahead of me.

shannon said...

with every post about cake, you make me yearn for are pure evil. ;)