Friday, November 10, 2006

It is a Crazy World

So yesterday I was reading an article about a Los Angeles firefighter who was awarded $2.7 MILLION because some of his coworkers put dog food in his spaghetti. Yep, 2.7 MILLION DOLLARS for eating two bites of dog food (yes, he pulled The Race Card .... I'm not going there)

Then I read an article today about a man wrongfully accused of rape (he was just proved innocent via some DNA testing) who served 18 YEARS in prison and for that was awarded a paltry $450 THOUSAND!

That's right ...

- having to serve 18 YEARS of your life IN PRISON for a crime you didn't commit .... 450 THOUSAND DOLLARS.
- eating two bites of dog food and enduring some barking jests ...... 2.7 MILLION DOLLARS!
- the absurdity of our justice system ...... PRICELESS!

'Nuff said.


Teresa said...

LOL I heard about that case with the dog food today in my Forensic Psych class... I guess the guys nickname was Big Dog or something...also our justice system is crazy you should hear the percentage of people who are wrongfully serving time in jail... if you ever get accused of a crime you better pray your jury isn't too guillible...that and hope that they don't think with their emotions... anywho, enough of my rant, have a goodnight

Kat said...

Man, I would love to take a Forensic Psych class ... that would be fascinating. Take good notes! :)

Julie said...

Kina makes you proud to live in America, doesn't it? NOT!

Julie said...

oops, Kinda, not Kina. I'm braindead.