Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Y'all ... I couldn't decorate my way out of a paper bag!

It's true. BUT .... the cake still came out better than I expected.

AND ... had I not shown you the Before Picture, y'all might have thought this cake looked alright. Not "professional" mind you ... I am not THAT delusional (no, no .. REALLY :)) .... but still ... alright.

But ... when you compare it to what it is SUPPOSED to look like ... you've truly just got to slap your knee and laugh. I know I do! I snicker at it every time I see the comparison!!

Now don't get me wrong, I think I did okay with the basketweave and the rope border ... what with it being my first attempt and all.

BUT boy howdy, there is no getting around the fact that I am Flower-Making Challenged!

And also apparently Flower-Placement Challenged.

doggie. What the hell happened there?? I mean, I can only blame Frosting Malfunctions so many times, ya know?! :) There comes a point when I just need to realize I won't be quitting my day job to be a professional cake decorator (not that I was considering it anyway ... just sayin' is all! :))

The cute thing is that no-one at work will cut into the cake until I do the honors. I'm wondering if I should drag it out til like 4pm to see if they manage to resist for that long?

Ah, who am I fooling ... I can't resist that long! There be cake, people! Let's eat!!!!


Julie said...

That's looks yummy! And pretty!

Julie said...

I mean "that"

Kate said...

It looks great! I'm just impressed at how straight it is, I've never managed a layer cake that wasn't lopsided. Besides cake is always good. Always!