Friday, November 10, 2006

How to Annoy Your Cat #1

Keep taking pictures (with flash, for maximum Annoying Points) while your cat drinks water.

Especially if your cat is drinking water out of the pitcher you just filled so you could quickly water your plants. But now you must wait and wait (and wait) while your cat drinks more than her weight in water simply because, as we all know, Water In Pitcher is to Water In Cat's Drinking Bowl as Champagne is to Toilet Water. Apparently.

Please note that this "Picture Taking With Flash" Annoyance Tactic also works well on Significant Others while they are trying to sleep (what?) :)


Carolyn said...

why do they do that? As SOON as I set down a clean fresh glass of water - FOR MYSELF - there's a fuzzy nose and tongue takin' it all in. WTF?

Julie said...

You DO know that humans were put on the earth to serve the kitties, don't you?

But, it is fun to annoy them now and then :)