Wednesday, November 01, 2006


So did I mention several weeks ago that I lost my thumb ring?

In a toilet?

A public, much used toilet?

A toilet located in the building in which I work?

Yep, it just slipped right off my thumb when I went to flush. Plop. Straight to the bottom. There it sat staring up at me through the yellowy water.

I admit I hesitated. I thought, it's only pee ... and that's a ring. I COULD save it.

But then sanity returned and I thought, it's PEE for goshsakes ... and, moreover, it's PEE which is in a PUBLIC TOILET! And the ring has absolutely NO sentimental value and cost me less than $20!

So I did what any Level-Headed (with slight Monk tendencies) Woman would do .... I flushed the toilet and walked away.


But then the weirdest thing happened. When I returned to said restroom in the late afternoon that day, I spotted a bright yellow handwritten sign posted on the paper towel dispenser which read "Ring found. Please call Brian at xxx-xxx-xxxx".

I believe I gasped.

But then realized, "there is NO way that's MY ring ... I flushed it."

But the coincidence was so astounding that I mentioned my story to several coworkers upon my return from the restroom. Because I know MY ring I flushed ... but how odd that the same day I lose mine that another ring is found.

And I'm thinking (forgive my Blondeness), "surely no-one monitors the pipes for what comes through, right?! (EWWWW) Could there BE some kinda filter somewhere?? Because that's the only way it could be MY ring."

One of the coworkers whom I told was our office manager. And she called Brian (the building's maintenance guy) and left a voicemail saying that one of the employees in our office did lose a ring, a thumb ring, could that possibly be it?

We never heard back.

Until today.

When Brian walked into the building and my coworker and he approached me and inquired as to what the ring I lost looked like. I slipped off my current thumb ring and said it looked pretty similar to that. He took my ring, inspected it, handed it back, then handed me MY FLUSHED TOILET WATER/PEE SOAKED RING!

"Yay!!", "EWWWW" .. I just don't know

I didn't know whether to be happy or to chuck the evil toilet-germ infested ring across the room. But because he just looked so pleased-as-punch about returning it to me, I just took it and vowed to thoroughly scrub and disinfect my hand as soon as he left.

Man, was I embarrassed though. Because he was inquiring as to HOW the ring got into the toilet. He was thinking that perhaps I had chucked it on purpose in a fit of "MEN STINK!".

So I had to confess to him that "I just went The PeePee and then it fell off when I reached to flush said PeePee down the toilet."


WHY? Why do men have to inquire about the embarrassing Toilet Things. It's not a topic I want to discuss with a strange man (if ANY man). AND ... I think he found out info he would have preferred not to know. Like that the ring was a cheap $20 ring (he was asking if it was made out of white gold), that it had NO sentimental value, and that it was originally stewing in a pot of Pee. (HA!) That will teach him to ask those types of questions going forward, I should think!!

And so now my ring is back. I think I'll call it "My Boomering".

Of course, as to whether or not I will ever WEAR it again ... why, that's another story!


Clint B said...


Never lost my thumb ring that way, but I think I lost one in a restroom waste basket once. Was washing and drying my hands. I didn't notice until later that my thumb was missing its ring. I probably pulled it off when drying with the paper towel.

Thanks for sharing!

shannon said...

pee is steril so you could have grabbed it and have no other worries than just being icked out.

so glad(?) you got the ring back!

goodgilr036 said...

he he need to write a book...The Misadventures of UMWC (upwardly mobile white chick)....he he he