Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Just call me Ostrich!

Hi y'all! I'm still a-liveeeeee! I'm still a-liveeeeee!

Sorry about the lack of posts lately. I was out of town for an extended weekend. I went up to Seattle for an AMAZING conference. Called the Millionaire Mind Intensive! I highly recommend* it to all y'all interested in figuring out what is holding you back from reaching your peak potential. Very, very enlightening. Who KNEW I was an Avoider?!! I didn't! But I AM! How fascinating is that?!! (hey now! ... it is to me! :)).

And what I found even more fascinating is that I used to be a Saver .... right up until the time I got married. To a Spender. Then money (or the lack thereof) just caused WAY too much stress. And so now I avoid. Even though I'm no longer married. And even though now my finances are under control. Hmmmmmm.

And I think I may do that in other areas of my life now too. Do y'all SEE me going out on many dates? Meeting many men?


How about me out and about seeking out other job opportunities even though I have bitched about my job for years? Anyone? Anyone??


I just hunker down and stick my head in the sand. Just call me Ostrich.

So. The GOOD news is that the first step to change is Awareness. And now I am aware.

Painfully so.

Hallelujah! Pass the Tylenol! :)

So, the insight I learned over the weekend was SO worth the time and the energy and the money it took to spend three days at this conference. And what made it even easier was the amazing people who were there learning and growing right along side me. I wanted to take each and every one of them home with me so I could remain surrounded by these 1000 supporting, positive people!! It was AWESOME!!!

But now I'm back. And my mind has been busy continuing to analyze all the things I learned over the weekend. So I haven't been blogging. Mea culpa. (which again, for the record ... is because I've been BUSY ... not because I've been AVOIDING! Just sayin'! ;))

But I will. I promise!

Happy Wednesday, y'all.

*WHEN you do go, tell them that Ambassador #431532 sent ya. That'd be me. And I'm tellin' ya ... "it's good to be Ambassador" (heh!)


Teresa said...

I gotta say the more I read of yours the more I see that I'm alot like ya...are you sure I'm my mum's daughter? lol j/k

Kat said...

I think it's cool that we have a lot of the same interests! :)

Though I was thinking your mom would actually like this event too. We (*insert family last name*) Women have always been pretty into money management. And there IS an event in Denver. I think in early December. Y'all should check into it! I need more of my peeps to get excited about this so I can have more of a support system! Or we can take over the world. Whatever! ;)

goodgirl036 said...

he he he (family last name here) are all for taking over the least into starting our own city or country. And I will ignore Teresa disowning me..though hopefully I have retained my cool status with her. Send me the link and I will try to