Friday, August 04, 2006

Where's the Tylenol??

Alright, folks. Here's the latest:

The movers are scheduled to arrive tomorrow at my house at o'dark hundred hours (the only time they could fit me in)

However, I have not finished packing.

Also, I spoke to the hardwood floor guys this morning and they were "planning" on being finished with the hardwood flooring installation into the condo by "5 or 6" tonight. Even though the installation part of the hardwood flooring was going to take "two days" ... and they started on Tuesday.

I have carpet cleaners scheduled to clean the condo carpets this afternoon which means instead of being at my house packing after work today ... I will be waiting around a condo filled with workerbees (hence, I won't be able to use the time productively to clean it!) for the carpet guys to show "sometime between 3pm - 6pm". Sigh.

I am ignoring the fact that I need to do something about the rock chip in the rental car. (*sticks fingers in ears and closes eyes tight* ... "la la la ... I don't see or hearrrrr youuuuu")

And to top it all off, the insurance company left me a message saying that they are considering my car a "economical total loss". And they offered me a settlement. Which I'm attempting to negotiate. But, regardless, now that the settlement offer is out there, they will only cover the cost of the rental car for 5 more days. Which means, I really should buy a car this weekend. You know, in my "spare" time!

Have I mentioned that I haven't finished packing?????

Ah well, the good news in this is that ..... my garage door remote works! Whoo hoooo! :)

Send good thoughts! (or perhaps alcohol?? :))

p.s. The HOPE is that the move goes flawlessly (hey, I heard that snickering!) and my computer is up and running again by noon tomorrow. However, based on my recent run of luck, you may next hear from me on Wednesday ... when I go back to work and have access to that computer! Just sayin'! :)


Kim said...

Ya know, with your recent luck with cars of late, maybe you should consider a really expensive bicycle! Just sayin'!

Hope the move is going well!

goodgirl036 said...

get a scooter..tho that might be worse unless only the car gods are angry!

Kate said...

If you get in a scooter or bike accident, the results could be worse than an insurance claim! I hate buying cars and I had to do it this week too.
Doncha just love the vague way contractors work? I want a job where my appointments could be "um, sometime maybe today". Hope the move went well.