Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I told you ... don't call me "Junior"!!

Okay, last "flicks on the bricks" for this summer. Who can name this movie? It's one of my favorites!

Speaking of favorites, I wanted these people to be my new best friends while watching the movie on Friday night. But alas, they kept this two tiered stash of Movie Munchety Goodness all to themselves! (Selfish bastards!!!!) :)

One two-hour movie, two people, a week's worth of munchies. That's my kinda people! :)

Damn tempting to want to sneak a cookie or five when they weren't looking, let me tell you. Because I was right there (as you can tell from my photo). But I had my Goody Two-Shoes Hat on that night so I didn't. Sigh. Luckily I had free popcorn, an entertaining movie, and a great movie crowd to keep me out of trouble! Had the movie been something like "Gigli" or "Howard the Duck" ........these folks may not have been so lucky! :)


Julie said...

From the looks of that "munchies" stash, I'd guess there may have been a little smoking of something going on before the movie :)

d said...

You did NOT just dis HtD, did you?




pdxWoman said...

indiana jones and the last crusade