Tuesday, August 29, 2006

God Bless The USA

So I found a quirky yet profound message on the underside of my Sobe cap this morning. See?

"Good luck is the result of trying again."

Isn't that interesting? I like it. Fits in with my "you can make your own destiny" type thinking.

Of course, then I read the fine print .... (isn't there always fine print?).... and then I REALLY had to sit back and ponder.

"Only valid in the USA". Hmmmmm. (*insert head scratch*)

Which kinda makes one wonder just what good luck is the result of in say .... Australia?

How about in Brazil??

Or, on the flip side, what happens when you try again in Turkey?

Seriously ...inquiring minds want to know!

(or perhaps ... just MY mind!) :)

1 comment:

BaxterWatch said...

Thats definitely worth the chuckle.
Good find.